Under condominium law how soon can a condo lien be discharged after a court trial whereby the Judge ruled in favor of the defendant?

Your attorney can answer the timing question. You may also take the judge's order to the land-use records office and an administrator there can guide you through the discharge process. Any time delay may be based on digital or electronic record keeping update cycles.
This has nothing to do with condominium law. It has to do with a civil court judgment- civil process. The discharge shouldn't take more than a few days if not sooner with a little push. The court will issue a decree and as soon as it's typed up it can be recorded in the land records. In the correct form it will extinguish the lien. You should ask the land records recorder to reference the decree to the original lien. With digital record keeping in most jurisdictions the release will become effective as soon as the decree is recorded. You can find more specific information in the civil clerk's office at the court where the decision was issued.