Under condominium law how soon can a condo lien be discharged after a court trial whereby the Judge ruled in favor of the defendant?

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This has nothing to do with condominium law. It has to do with a civil court judgment- civil process. The discharge shouldn't take more than a few days if not sooner with a little push. The court will issue a decree and as soon as it's typed up it can be recorded in the land records. In the correct form it will extinguish the lien. You should ask the land records recorder to reference the decree to the original lien. With digital record keeping in most jurisdictions the release will become effective as soon as the decree is recorded. You can find more specific information in the civil clerk's office at the court where the decision was issued.
Your attorney can answer the timing question. You may also take the judge's order to the land-use records office and an administrator there can guide you through the discharge process. Any time delay may be based on digital or electronic record keeping update cycles.
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What happens when a lien on a condominium is not paid and then it is taken to court?

Real Property Liens . A lien encumbers the named property until it is paid or satisfied.\n. \nIn most cases the property cannot be transferred, sold or refinanced unless an agreement is reached with the lien holder.\n(The exception being marital property held as Tenancy By The Entirety when only ( Full Answer )

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How do you file a condominium lien?

You should contact the law firm that represents the condominium and learn how condominium liens are handled in your state.

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What are the implications of having a condominium association putting a lien on your condo home?

The association filed a formal lien with the court, on your condominium home -- probably -- for unpaid assessments. (Your monthly assessments pay bills to vendors who service the community, such as sewer, water, garbage, master insurance policy premiums, landscaping and so forth. When you don't pay ( Full Answer )

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While this will vary from state to state, in Ohio the lien claimant has 30 days to remove the lien after it is satisfied or adjudged against him or face damages to the owner of up to the face value of the lien Ohio Revised Code 1311.20. The removal process is merely to prepare and file a satisfactio ( Full Answer )

How do you get the condo manager to install mailboxes at the condominium?

Given the steps that an owner would take in this case, such as: . Writing a letter to the board requesting that the issue be handled -- including the letter -- in a board meeting, and that the issue be documented in the minutes . Pointing to the budget line item that funds the installation of th ( Full Answer )

Can a condominium put a lien in your condo?

Yes, a condominium can put a lien on your condo. The condominium depends on your payments to keep up the common areas. As a result, it has the right to collect its fees plus interest when you sell it if you do not pay your assessments and a lien is filed. As well, the association may be able to sell ( Full Answer )

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Should the defendant keep transcripts of the lower courts rulings?

It isn't necessary since the entire record of all proceedings become permanent court records and are (theoretically) always available to you. But if you have the copies and wish to keep them, there's nothing wrokng with that either.

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I am unaware of any such law. A judge is free to sentence immediately upon the pronouncement of the verdict or he may order a pre-sentencing report to assist him in making a decision, and delay the sentencing hearing until the report is prepared and submitted to him.

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Did the supreme court ruled on condominium satellite dish?

Regardless of who ruled, the US FCC has published guidelines regarding legal placement of signal antennas. Generally, the limits are that the antenna be placed within the unit's 'boundaries', and installation be approved by the condominium board. As well your governing documents may define the pr ( Full Answer )

How are trial court judges appointed?

Federal court judges are appointed by the president and confirmed by the senate. State court judges are elected or appointed depending on the state's system.

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In the United States copyright law is almost exclusively handled in federal district courts, other than copyright of sound recordings published prior to 1972 and other possible issues that are handled under state laws because they are not pre-empted by the federal laws.

What is considered a meeting for a condominium association under sunshine law?

Many states have individiual sunshine laws -- and there is afederal sunshine law requiring openness in governance, includinggovernance meetings and records. Read your governing documents to determine when and how your boardcan conduct business -- make motions, vote on motions, and soforth. Any such ( Full Answer )

What happens if the judges on court of appeals decide a trial was unfair?

Actually a court of appeals cannot decide that. A court of appeals can only decide whether or not the trial courtcorrectly followed procedures and existing legal precedence. It isentirely possible for procedures and legal precedence to becompletely unfair (they have been many times) but if the trial ( Full Answer )