Use moderate in a sentence

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the moderate of the house was 500,000

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Q: Use moderate in a sentence
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Related questions

How do you use moderate in a sentence?

He could seriosly moderate the beast by destroying its apparatus.

How can you use a sentence with a word of moderate?

The couple enjoyed the moderate weather while they were on vacation.

How do you use the word moderate in a sentence?

(adjective) The temperature here is moderate for most of the year. (verb) The website WikiAnswers uses volunteer supervisors who moderate the various categories.

Moderate in a sentence?

Moderate basically means the same thing as average. A good sentence would be, she ate a moderate amount of food at the buffet.

What is a sentence using the word moderate?

She is undergoing moderate depression.The temperature throughout the year seems to be moderate.

What is a good sentence with the word moderate?

The temperature here is moderate for most of the year.

What adjectives are in this sentence Young Icarus flew just below and behind his father at a moderate height?

The adjectives in this sentence are "young," "his," "a," and "moderate."

Sentence with moderate?

The success she experienced was moderate compared to her expectations. Depending on the context, moderate can be used as an adjective, noun, or verb.

Use avarice in a sentence?

It is important to moderate mental desires, such as avarice, lest we become a Mr. Scrooge of sorts.

How would you use wreckage in a sentence?

The wreckage of the car crash at the side of the road was a reminder for passing drivers to moderate their speed.

A sentence using moderate in a noun?

In the TV commercial I was watching a MODERATE was talking about a new health reform.

How do you put moderation in a sentence with a exclamation mark at the end?

If you are asking that the word moderation appear in the sentence, that is easy: "Be moderate in all things, even moderation!" If you are asking for a sentence that is moderate, this might do: "Please be careful!"

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