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Sometimes a leaking valve cover gasket can be fixed by simply retorquing the bolts to their proper torque. If that doesn't solve the problem, the gasket will have to be replaced as per your engine manufacturer's specifications.

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2010-07-11 09:58:52
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Q: Valve head gasket is leaking oil?
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Is a valve gasket and a head gasket the same thing?

Valve cover gasket holds oil from the valves from leaking off the top of the head . Head gasket is lower and holds cylinder pressure between the cylinder head and the engine block.

What is oil around the head of your engine mean?

It usually means you have a leaking valve cover gasket.

Can coolant leak from the valve cover?

No, if there is coolant in your valve cover it'll be mixed with oil. You blew your head gasket, possibly warped or cracked your head. It may look like coolant is leaking from your valve cover but it's your intake gasket leaking.

What causes oil to leak around the head of a Honda vt600 shadow?

rocker cover gasket or valve inspection gasket leaking

What does a valve gasket do?

Valve cover gasket? Prevents oil from leaking out of valve cover Valve seal? Prevents oil from entering the combustion chamber.

Could a blown valve cover gasket cause oil to mix with coolant?

No, only a blown head gasket or cracked head will cause coolant to mix with the oil. A leaking valve cover gasket will only cause oil to leak onto the engine block externally.

Oil pan silicon gasket replaced still leaking oil?

valve cover gasket

Could leaky vale covers cause bad head gasket signs?

If the valve cover is leaking it may let oil flow down the head and make the Head gasket appear to be leaking. Clean the engine and then use oil dye or watch for leaks. If there is a coolant leak it is not the valve cover.

What can cause moisture to get on the oil cap of a 92 Honda Accord?

Bad PCV Valve? Leaking head gasket?

How do you know where oil is leaking from when its on your starter?

I would suspect that is a Valve Cover gasket leaking.

Why is my 1998 Mercury Villager leaking oil from the front cylinder head near the rear or transmission side of head.?

Valve cover gasket?

Why would there be oil on the outside and on the electrodes of the spark plugs to a 1995 Honda passport?

Leaking valve cover gasket.Leaking valve cover gasket.

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