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low coolant bad thermostat bad water control valve (if equipted) vacuum contol door not working broken cable at switching unit at dash

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โˆ™ 2006-03-01 18:40:52
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Q: Van is not producing heat what is the problem?
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What is the problem when a conversion van has front heat and no rear heat.?

Check the valve that lets the heated coolant circulate to the rear heater core. You will not have any rear heat without the fluid circulating.

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Why cant you get any heat in your 1995 ford van you have change the water-pump radiator heater core and thermostat?

problem will be in heat control switch in dashboard

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You rear heat will only work if your front heat is on heat and feet. If it is on vent at the front of the van it will not heat the rear of the van. Not sure why but that is how ford designed it.

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