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Varieties of the word grandmother?

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in Indonesia you can say "nenek" "oma", "nini"

2015-04-13 13:42:05
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Q: Varieties of the word grandmother?
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What is the English word for grandmother?

Grandmother is the English word for grandmother.

What is the Aramaic word for grandmother?

Grandmother = סבה (sava)"the grandmother" = סבתא (savta)Note: The Aramaic word savta ("the grandmother") was borrowed into modern Hebrew as the word for "grandmother" or "grandma".

What is the African word for grandmother?

The African Zulu word for a grandmother is 'Gogo' The African Zulu word for a grandmother is 'Gogo'

What is the Arabic word for grandmother?

grandmother = jadda my grandmother = jaddatee

What is the Kikuyu word for the English word grandmother?

The Kikuyu word for the English word grandmother is "bibi."

How do you spell grandmother in Latino?

The word for grandmother in Latino (Spanish) is "abuela."The word for grandmother in Latin is "avia."

What is the scottish word for grandmother?

seanmhair, my grandmother is m'seanmhair, your grandmother is d'seanmhair

What is the Anishnabe word for grandmother?

The Algonkin/Anishnabe word for my grandmother is nòkomis. This word can not be expressed without the n- prefix (meaning "my"). His or her grandmother is òkomisan.

What is the British word for grandmother?


How do you say grandmother in cree?

The Cree word for grandmother is ohkomimâw. My grandmother is nohkom.

What is the Swedish word for grandmother?

maternal grandmother = mormor paternal grandmother = farmor

Navajo word for grandmother?

Shímásání ( my maternal grandmother )Shinálí ( my paternal grandmother)

What is the Shawnee word for grandmother?

Grandmother = Noke mis'

What is the Zulu word for Grandmother?

grandmother = ugogo

Should Grandmother be hyphenated?

No, grandmother is one word.

What does siti mean in Lebanese?

The word siti means my grandmother in Lebanese. The word sita means her grandmother and sito means his grandmother

What is the Swahili words for grandmother and grandfather?

Babu is the word for grandfather. Bibi is the word for grandmother.

Can you put the word varieties in a sentence?

There are many varieties on the market.

What is the cree word for grandmother?

"My grandmother" in Cree is "nôhkom." However "your grandmother" in Cree is "kookum."

What is the Cherokee word for 'grandmother'?

e li si.

What is the cambodian word for grandmother?

Grandfather = Taa Grandmother= Yiey

What is the German word for grandmother in English?

grandmother is translated as oma

Is Gigi grandmother in Italian?

No, the Italian word for grandmother is "nona".

What is the word 'grandmother' in Arabic?

jadda جدّة

What is the Thai word for grandmother?

what it the English to Thai translation for grandmother