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Q: Vw golf 2001 gti keeps cutting out at low revs?
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How do you adjust the timing on a 1988 Golf It keeps stalling if you don't keep the revs up while idling?

There is an adjusting screw on the throttle body, you need to dial the screw in slowly until you golf ideals at 900 to 1000 rpm. Try this first before you look at your timing.

Why does my Mk3 golf gti randomly hesistate sometimes times cutting out at junctions or low revs?

check all the rubber pipes from the injection unit to make sure there ain't no breaks if they are ok then it will most probably be the idle air control on the injection system buy a can of carb cleaner and take the pipe off and spray a good bit of carb cleaner into the valve whilst someone keeps the car running it worked for me.

When i drive my Ford Fiesta flair and step on the clutch the revs keeps climbing. What do i do?

Just start it like normal and when the revs start to sound distorted start accelerating

Heater only blows hot air when revs are high on your mk 2 golf gti 8v?

Check coolant level

Why does my 1996 golf gti 2.0 8v lose power when it reaches 5 thousand revs?

May have a factory installed rev limiter

What cause your riding mower to idle up and down when am mowering?

When mowing it will idle up and down because of the amount and thickness of grass you are cutting. This is because the blades will struggle cutting thick grass so the engine needs more revs to keep the blades running at a constant speed and that is also why your mower may slow down because it has used the majority of revs to cut the grass and their are not many revs left to keep the wheels spinning The up and down revving could also be caused by a dirty/clogged air filter.

Some times the gas revs high by its self 0n 2001 dts?

well that happens to me an it means fuel is low

IF your 2001 celica sounds like a diesel could this be the air belt tensioner or timing belt?

i have exactly the same problem by the sounds except i classed it as 2nd revs, and mine was a kia sportage 2001, the a/c belt broke and it began. i have replaced the belt but the revs (diesel engine sound) is still there. if you have found an answer please look for kia sportage 2001 4 door and let me know whats wrong:( with our cars

What happens if you drive second gear at top speed?

The powertrain control module will start cutting back on the fuel if the engine revs are going too high

Could anyone help me figure out why my 2001 Yamaha blaster runs for 2 minutes then revs out on its own?

air box issues

When was Revs - video game - created?

Revs - video game - was created in 1984.

When did Revs - video game - happen?

Revs - video game - happened in 1984.

1994 Mercedes c220 diesel revving up and then edc light comes on and loses power?

EDC light keeps coming on my Mercedes c220 diesel and losing power at 3,500 revs,

What is the problem 2001 corolla idle problem and check engine light on i have a 2001 corolla that i recently did an engine swap on i get the codes of 110 115 125 135 and 505 car when started revs low?

Have you checked engine mountings!

What do they mean by revs like say 6000 revs?

Rpms, revolutions per minute.

Engine revs for Audi a3 1.6 petrol?

What revs should my audi 1.6 show at seventy miles an hour and how many revs should it show when ticking over

How adjust motor revolution?

Turn the throttle, revs go up. Let to, revs go down.

2001 grand prix gt hit the gas car revs up to 5000 rpm's and doesn't move heard about eps solinoid in tranny but almost seems like the catalic?

Sounds like the tranny, the cat would slow the revs as it is essentially choking the exhaust output. Is there a code in the OBD II autozone will scan for free!

What are the Merits and demerits of the plates?

Pro: you are able to change gear when your engine revs are different from your transmission revs. Con: when torque is high or the difference in revs (see above) is too big, it will slip.

Why your 2004 ford focus rev to 3000 rpm at start up?

There is a "dashpot" that works by vacuum, that revs the car as if you were giving it gas, like stepping on the old cars' pedal to keep it from cutting out when it cold-starts. All of the new cars have it.

What are the merits and demerits of plate clutch?

Pro: you are able to change gear when your engine revs are different from your transmission revs. Con: when torque is high or the difference in revs (see above) is too big, it will slip.

Your engine revs when you dont hit the gas?

An engine revs when you hold down the gas and the brakes at the same time. ~Ares

How come the engine only revs up when gas is applied in a 98 Chevy blazer?

Because that's how an engine runs. it can only ever rev up if you give it gas. no gas, no revs. more gas, more revs

What does revs per mile mean In reference to tires would you want a tire that is 0 revs per mile or one that is 99 revs per mile?

If the tyre does 0 revs per mile you will be skidding and the rubber will wear out in no time. At 99 rev per mile you will still be skidding - unless your tyres are roughly 17 feet across!

At high revs your volkswagen golf starts shaking as if not getting enough petrol to the engine What could it be and how can you fix this?

There are several reasons why a vehicle may shake. The basic reasons for this are engine trouble, axle problems, brake trouble, wobbly wheels or tire trouble.