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Waitemata harbor is an inlet of the?

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Hauraki Gulf by way of the Rangitoto Channel.
(See Aukland, New Zealand.)

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What is the name of the harbor in the Hauraki Gulf?

Waitemata Harbour.

What is a dormant volcano in Auckland's Waitemata harbor?

The island of Rangitoto.

What is the name of the harbor that borders onto the Auckland CBD?


Auckland is located on which harbors?

Manukau harbor on the Tasman sea and Waitemata harbor on the Pacific Ocean.

How was the Auckland harbor bridge built?

It was built to cross the Waitemata Harbour.

What is Aucklands biggest harbor?

The Manukau harbour is larger than the Waitemata.

What is the harbor in Auckland called?

Auckland is situated between two harbours: the Waitemata and the Manukau.

What is the name of the main harbor in Auckland?

Auckland has two harbours: the Waitemata harbour and the Manukau Harbour.

Dose the manukau harbor take you from Auckland to north shore?

No, the Manukau harbour, an inlet of the Tasman Sea, is on the opposite coast to the North Shore on the Hauraki Gulf part of the Pacific Ocean. You cross the Waitemata Harbour to get from central Auckland to the North Shore.

Is a tiny inlet or harbor on the seashore?


What is the name of Aucklands western harbor?

Auckland has two harbours, the Waitemata and the Manukau. The heads of the Manukau harbour are on the west coast.

What water inlet is Sydney situated in?

sydney harbor

Auckland Harbour Bridge was built over what harbor?

The Auckland Harbour Bridge travels over the Waitemata Harbour

Where in Hawaii did Pearl Harbor happen?

Pearl Harbor is an inlet of the Pacific Ocean on the southern coast of Oahu, Hawaii, west of Honolulu.

Where in the world are harbor seals be found?

Their usual habitat is a bay or inlet of salt-water.

What is a synonym for harbor?

harbor (noun) : port, dock, pier, anchorage, mooring, landing, bay, inlet, cove harbor (verb) : shelter, house, lodgea dock shore or deck

What is natural harbor?

A natural harbour is an inlet of the sea, in which boats and ships may safely shelter.

What is waitemata mean?

Go to the encyclopaedia of N.Z and there you have it your answer:)

What are the Name of two harbors in aukland?

Waitemata and Manukau.

What is the names for the Auckland harbors?

waitemata and manukau harbours

Which harbour is the Auckland harbour bridge built over?

The Auckland Harbour bridge spans the Waitemata harbour between St Mary's Bay and Northcote Point.The Waitemata harbour

Where is Auckland located on what two harbors?

The greater Auckland metropolitan region is centred on the isthmus between the Waitemata and Manukau harbours. It also extends to the northeast around the Waitemata harbour.

What are the 2 harbors in Auckland?

Waitemata Harbour and Manukau Harbour

What are the Name of two harbors in Auckland?

Waitemata Harbour and Manukau Harbour

Name two harbors that are in Auckland?

Manukau Harbour and Waitemata Harbour.