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Was Argentina once a British colony?

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No. It was a Spanish colony before gaining independence.

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How did spanish language get to Argentina?

Argentina was once a colony of Spain.

Was South Africa once a British colony?

Yes, It was once a British colony for the elite Citizens of the UK.

What was once a British penal colony?

New South Wales was once a British penal colony, as was Van Diemen's Land (now Tasmania).

Who controlled India?

India was once a british colony(:

Was Singapore once a Dutch Colony?

No, in 1826 it became a British colony, part of the Straights Settlements.

Did Argentine people ever inhabit the Falkland islands?

When Argentina became independent they send a small number of Argentinians to the Falkland Islands. The British expelled them, and started a race themselfs. In 1806 when Argentina won independence the British tried to take Argentina and turn it to a British Colony but they lost.

Stanley is the capital city of?

Stanley is the capital of The Falkland Islands, a British colony off the coast of Argentina.

Why did sikhs move to england?

Because a part of india was once a british colony

What was Canada once a colony of?

Canada originated from British settlers. So.. Britain.

Is Australia in the United Kingdom?

No, although it was once a british colony. It is, however, still considered to be part of the British Commonwealth as is Canada.

Was the Dominican Republic a British colony?

No it was not a British colony.

Is the USA a British colony?

No. the U.S is not a British colony because the U.S is a country not a colony.

What was the richest British colony?

india was the richest british colony

Was Maryland once a colony of France?

No. Maryland was under British control, then American, never French.

Was Argentina a British colony?

The answer lies somewhere between a "yes" and a "no": it was not an official but a de facto one for much of the XIX and early XX century.

What South American country believes it criticising Britain for controlling them?

Argentina has a problem with Britain over the Falkland islands which are claimed by both countries. Guyana was once the only British colony onSouth America, but is certainly no longer controled by Britain.

What type of colony was colonial new york?

It was a colony that once was called New Amsterdam ( because it was claimed by the dutch at first ) but, was taken over by the british.

Why the Philippine became British colony?

why the philippine become a british colony

Was Portugal a british colony until 1947?

Portugal was not a British colony.

What was the first British colony in US?

The first British colony in the U.S. that was successful was Jamestown, but the very first colony was the Roanoke colony.

Why do bahamians celerbrate emancipation day?

because The Bahamas was once a British colony where the institution of slavery was practiced.

What country took control of India in 1876?

The British Colony The British Colony

When India become a British colony?

India became a British colony in 1757.

Who founded the first british colony of Singapore?

the first British colony in Singapore is......................................

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