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Over 9000!No the British were not the cause of most deaths during the years of empire building. The cause was the countries who tried and failed to resist integration into the empire and thus bought about wars of invasion the British never wanted to fight.
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Q: Was Britain the cause of the most deaths during the years of empire building?
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How Many deaths occurred while building the Empire state Building?

According to official accounts, five workers died during the construction (Wikipedia info)

How many reported deaths are there for the Empire State Building?


What is the empire state building's form?

The Empire State building's form is that it formed the tallest building during the 1931- a date .

Who was involved in building the Empire State Building?

John J. Raskob and Alfred E. Smith were involved in building the Empire State Building during the time of the Great Depresison.

How many Turks died during ww1?

Total casualties for the Ottoman empire were about 770,000 military deaths and an estimated 2,100,000 civilian deaths.

Which country during ww1 had the biggest empire?

great britain

What did Britain trade with Australia during the british empire?


Who was ruling Britain during the british empire?

Queen Victoria.

Was the Empire State Building built during the Great Depression?

The completion of the Empire State Building in 1931 coincided the start of the Great Depression.

Who was on britain's side during WW1?

Its empire, the Russian empire, Canada, Italy, the Empire of Japan, Portugal, USA and France.

What did Britain gain from Burma in the British empire?

Rubber (latex) was one important import into Britain from her Burmese rubber plantations during the British Empire.

What did Britain trade with ceylon during british empire?

because they liked it

What did Britain gain from Canada during the British empire?

Maple syrup

How many countries does Britain own?

During the British Empire about thirty-five but now just what we call Britain

What famous building was built during the mughal empire?

taj mahal

What became a symbol of hope during the depression?

The Empire State Building

Foreign policy of great Britain in the 1700's?

In the 1700s, Britain was focused on building a colonial empire in the New World. Its main rival was France.

Why did Britain join the roman empire?

Britain did not "join" the Roman empire. Britain was conquered and then annexed into the empire as a province.

Were any people injured or killed in the building process of the Empire State Building?

According to official records, five people were killed during the construction of the Empire State Building. See the link for further history of this impressive building.

What did Britain get from Canada in the british empire?

Canada provided several things to Britain during their empire. They provided furs, ores, fuels, lumber, and several other resources as well.

What country fight during the revolutionary war?

Great Britain, or the British Empire.

What countries did Britain rule during the british empire and when?

pakistan kryghastan and jamaica

Has anyone ever jumped off Empire State Building?

Yes, since it's completion in 1931 about 40 people have jumped to their deaths off the Empire State Building (most of those during the 1940s). One woman jumped in 1979 only to land one floor below, she survived but broke her hip. The most recent jumper was in 2010.

Did austria-Hungary and Britain get along during the war?

Britain and the Austro-Hungarian Empire were on opposite sides of WW I. They did not get along.

What country use to own Australia?

Great Britain (During the British empire) Although, technically Great Britain still does.