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As the only man who stood alone against fascism in 1940... while everyone else turned a blind eye, Churchill faced it head on..."Never Surrender"... "We shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end".. it was his leadership, inspiration, that led Britain to victory in the Battle of Britain 1940.. without whom the West was Lost. His legendary speech prior to the Battle.... ''if we fail.. then the whole world.. including the united states.. will sink into abyss of a dark new age''

Churchill has an Iconic status in WWII, it was his ability to lead and be inspirational that played a gigantic role in the Allies victory... also as leader he oozed charisma.. "History will be kind to me, for i intend to write it", he motivated his men and all the allies, his quotations are widely referenced today. The world may look very different today without his leadership in WWII...the man is revered.

AnswerThe opinion of Churchill's performance as a wartime leader fluctuated. When he became PM the British were facing defeats on many fronts. Churchill may have been too eager for a victory and may have created additional losses as a result. He is often accused of being rash and having improbable pet projects that he liked to push. His military advisors would often have to find ways to convince him of the unsound nature of his military plans. Overall I think he should be judged by his performance before, during and at the end of the war. He was one of the first to warn of the threat posed by Germany, when in office he was one of the few voices that was full of defiance in the face of crushing German victories, at the end of the war he saw the new threat posed by the Soviet Union. He was primarily responsible for easing the stresses that built up between 3 major nations fighting as allies. Knowing when to push an issue and when to give way. AnswerYES! He is one of the most influentual men of our time. AnswerYOU GUYS EAT SO MUCH Sh1T
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Q: Was Churchill a good war time leader?
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