Was Finland controlled by Germans during World War 2?

Finland was an ally of Nazi Germany, but it was a special case, the Allies understood the position the Finns were in and did not hold it against them. Finland had not been an independent nation all that long, having been for centuries a province of Russia. Hitler and Stalin agreed to a "Non-Aggression Pact" in late August, 1939, and for the next two years they were partners. Nine days after the Pact was signed Hitler invaded Poland from the west, an event generally agreed to be the beginning of WWII in Europe. Two weeks after that, Stalin invaded Poland from the east, and they split Poland down the middle. Over the next months Hitler invaded eight countries and Stalin invaded five, but Hitler was much better at it. Stalin, a paranoid maniac, had "purged" his army in 1937 and 1938 of over half of its officers of the rank of colonel and above. This was a permanent purge and those experienced officers were dead, so there was a lack of experience at the top, as well as timidity, because no one in his right mind was going out on any limbs, because they all knew what Stalin would do. After finishing with Poland Stalin turned his attention to Finland, the pretext being a Russian desire to swap some land in the vicinity of Saint Petersburg, the Russian port on the Baltic, belonging to the Finns, for some frozen woods way off in the wilderness somewhere belonging to Russia. Failing to persuade the Finns Stalin attacked Finland. Finland had a tiny but tough army, under an excellent commander, Field Marshal Mannerheim, and he proceeded to give the Russians two black eyes and a bloody nose. It was this pitiful performance, some think, that caused Hitler to decide on invading Russia, as soon as he could get around to it. When he did, he had the Finns on his side. The Finns weren't going to get to be neutral, so they picked the side of the nation which had not just got done invading them.