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Was Greece an ally of Australia in World War 2?

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Was Australia an ally or axis force during World War 2?

An Ally, that is it was fighting against the Axis.

Who did US ally with in World War 1?

Easy, Antarctica and Australia.

Why was Australia in World War I?

Australia was part of World War 1 because of Britain. Britain made an ally with Australia before WW1 started and Australia was part of the British empire.

How did Australia react to the Vietnam War?

Australia became our ally in the war.

What countries were an ally of the US during world war 2?

Here is the list UK,USSR,France,China,Poland,Canada, NewZealand,Norway,Australia,Netherlands, Greece,and Belgium

Who was the US greatest ally during world war 2?

UK, Canada, Australia.

Who was the us ally in the Vietnam war?

Australia was a primary ally to the US during the Vietnam War.

Who did Australia help in the Vietnam War?

Australia was, and remains, an ally of the US.

What was Australia's involvement in World War 2 and Vietnam war?

Australia was an ally of the US and sent troops to fight in both WWII and Vietnam.

Why did Australia help the Americans fight in World War 2?

Australia was is part of the British Empire, now the Commonwealth of Nations. The US entered WWII as an ally of the British Empire and France. Therefore, Australia was automatically an ally of the US. Actually, Australia entered the war long before the US did. Also, Japan was attacking all of the Pacific rim, including Australia. Again, Australia = enemy of the axis, ally of US/France/Britain.

Was Ukraine an Ally or Axis in World War 2?


How did Germany lose Russia as an ally during World War I how did this affect the German war plans?

Russia was not an ally of Germany in World War 1.

Why did the US ally with US during World War 2?

France, Britain, Belgium, Holland, Canada, Australia, Italy (late war) to name a few

Who was New Zealand's ally in World War 2?

New Zealand was an ally to "the allies" i.e Great Britain, USA, Australia, most of the Nordic countries and numerous others from Europe and the pacific.

Was China an Ally during World War 2?

Yes, China was an ally.

How do you use ally in a sentence?

Russia was an ally of England in the Second World War.

Besides Britain name another Canadian ally of world war 1?

Australia, New Zealand the US or the French, possibly the Russians

What war did Australia turn away from Britain and towards America as an ally?


Was Greece involved with world war 1 or 2?

Greece in World War 2In October 1940 Greece was attacked by Italy (from neighbouring Albania). The Italian forces did extremely badly - and ended up as a laughing stock when the Greeks invaded Albania. From late 1940 onwards, British and Commonwealth forced helped Greece and in April 1941 Germany agreed to help its ally. :) =)

What was an ally in World War I?

A companion or friend

Was Italy an ally of germany in World War 2?

Yes, Italy was a German ally

How was romania part of World War 2?

Romania was an ally of Germany.Romania was an ally of Germany.

Romania during World War 2?

Romania was an ally of Germany.Romania was an ally of Germany.

Would the world see a war great as world war 2?

no, most of the world is ally , but if the world suddenly turned on each other and starts a world war 3 than that would be a big disaster, because we have weapons that could destroy a land Mass the size of Australia

Was Romania an ally during world war 1?

In the WW1 Romania was an ally of Western countries.