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Q: Was Greece an ally of Australia in World War 2?
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Who did US ally with in World War 1?

Easy, Antarctica and Australia.

Was Australia an ally or axis force during World War 2?

An Ally, that is it was fighting against the Axis.

How did Australia react to the Vietnam War?

Australia became our ally in the war.

How many Australian soldiers were sent to world war 2?

Around 20,000 thousand Western Australian Soldiers were sent to war in Greece to aid Australia's greatest ally during that time, Britain.

What country was Australia's ally World War 1 and an enemy in World War 2?

nobody you dingbat Japan and Italy

Who was the US greatest ally during world war 2?

UK, Canada, Australia.

What was Australia's involvement in World War 2 and Vietnam war?

Australia was an ally of the US and sent troops to fight in both WWII and Vietnam.

What countries were an ally of the US during world war 2?

Here is the list UK,USSR,France,China,Poland,Canada, NewZealand,Norway,Australia,Netherlands, Greece,and Belgium

Who was the us ally in the Vietnam war?

Australia was a primary ally to the US during the Vietnam War.

Who did Australia help in the Vietnam War?

Australia was, and remains, an ally of the US.

Was Ukraine an Ally or Axis in World War 2?


Why did Australia help the Americans fight in World War 2?

Australia was is part of the British Empire, now the Commonwealth of Nations. The US entered WWII as an ally of the British Empire and France. Therefore, Australia was automatically an ally of the US. Actually, Australia entered the war long before the US did. Also, Japan was attacking all of the Pacific rim, including Australia. Again, Australia = enemy of the axis, ally of US/France/Britain.

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