Was Iceland in a war?

Iceland has never been in a war with another country besides in the Cod Wars (1958-1976) with the United Kingdom, however the Cod Wars weren't a direct conflict in any way. Long story short, Iceland wanted to have an area around itself that only it could fish in, Britain refused and Icelandic fishermen starting cutting fishing lines and nets of the much bigger British fishing ships.
The result of the Cod Wars was that the UK pulled out of Icelandic waters and Iceland expended it's exclusive fishery zone to 200 nautical miles.

Another mention could be the Icelandic Civil War or the Age of Sturlungs (mid 13th century). Iceland had enjoyed an independent commonwealth since it was settled in 874 but recently clans had started to rise in power and rivalries started to form. This escalated into a country wide conflict that ended with the Old Covenant, a covenant that stopped the war but brought Iceland under the crown of Norway.