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Was Japan colonized?

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Japan was never a colony, and was never conquered; until two Atom Bombs were used.

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Japan colonized us from 1941 to 1945.

Japan was colonized by Chinese people that were dissatisfied with China.

Actually japan did not colonized Philippines japan invaded Philippines for fuels

Japan was never colonized. It was occupied briefly by the US after WW II.

Japan colonized China. Most of it anyway.

Japan didn't colonized Indonesia. It was the Dutch (Netherlands) who colonized the country in Indonesia.

Countries that colonized Indonesia were Nederland and Japan.

The Philippines was colonized by Spain, US and Japan. India was colonized by the United Kingdom.

Japan once colonized South Korea, 1910-1945.

the netherland spain china japan

France, Germany, Britain, USA, and Japan. French Polynesia & Tahiti are under French rule. Parts of New Guinea and part of Samoa were colonized by Germans. The British colonized Kiribati. The US colonized Guam and part of Samoa. The Japanese also colonized several islands nearer to Japan such as the Bonins.

a fear that japan would be colonized by western nations.

SpainEnglandAmericaJapanThese countries colonized us in order.If you do not believe that the England colonized the Philippines because it is rarely or not talked about, it is because the British Empire only colonized us for 2years.

Japan never had to gain independence as it was never invaded or colonized by other nations.

Japan was never a colony of the United states. Japan was defeated and surendered to the US at the end of WW2.

Holland for more than 3,5 centuries, and then Japan.

Korea was individual country. No one colonized or ruled Korea before Japan.

Japan was never officially colonized by any nation. However, after World War II, Japan signed an "unconditional" surrender to MacArthur and the United States army, setting in motion the occupation of Japan for the next few years. During this occupation, though, many things about Japan were changed, including the rewriting of the Japanese constitution.

Afghanistan, Iran, Japan, Liberia, or Thailand.

There is a strong possibility that if the Philippines were not colonized by Spain, that as Japan did with Okinawa, they would have annexed it. The other impact would have been the absence of Christianity.

The Philippines was colonized by three countries, namely:Spain colonized the Philippines for 333 yearsUnited Sates of America for 50 yearsJapan during World War 2The Philippines is now an independent democratic country.

The Japanese colonized the Philippines to establish merchant and trade affairs between the two countries. The Japanese were present in Luzon long before Spanish colonization.

it was colonized in 1842 and Franklin Joseph Anderson colonized it.

great britain colonized grenada and currently is colonized by

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