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Prior to 1948, Palestine had gone through a number of demographic shifts. The Roman sacking of Jerusalem in 70 AD resulted in many Jewish inhabitants being enslaved, although many Jews and Samaritans in the countryside remained. Many Jews moved back to the land over the following centuries as indicated by the many Sephardic villages in Palestine and all over the Middle East. Despite the Muslim conquest, the Crusades, and the Ottomans, the Sephardic Jewish population of Palestine grew, and the Old Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem was often the most populated in the city.

In the 19th century, Ashkenazi Jews from Europe began moving to Palestine for reasons religious, zionist, and/or due to anti-semitic pressures in Europe...this is the time many people consider "the return of the Jews to the Holy Land" which fails to recognize the continuing presence of Sephardic Jews.

In the 20th century, the Jews of Palestine, considered themselves Palestinians until Israel declared independence in 1948, at which point they considered themselves Israelis. At that time, Jews and Muslim Arabs were in almost equal numbers along with Christians, Druze, etc.


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The state of Israel was founded in 1948.

The modern State of Israel was founded in the territory of the former British Mandate of Palestine in May 14, 1948.

ISRAEL is a modern state that was created in 1948 by Jews in Palestine.

There is no Israel Palestine, only Israel. You can get to Palestine autonomy from Israel.

Answer 1Palestine is still Palestine. People just think it is israel. But it is NOT!!Answer 2Israel was a historical term for the land before the Romans created the term Palestine. This original term became the name of the Modern State of Israel in 1948 when Jewish groups were able to establish a State.

There is no 'why', as Israel is not invading Palestine.

Israel was created in 1948 on the site of The Arabic biblical land of Palestine.

Palestine or on the eastern seaboarder of the mediteranian sea

Palestine is in Israel. So neither

Israel. The US supplies weapons to Israel, but not to Palestine.

Israel was created in 1948 from the British Mandate of Palestine.

Palestinian Arabs fled Palestine after the establishment of Israel.

Israel, in the area formerly known as Palestine until 1948.

Yes. The State of Israel came from the BRITISH MANDATE FOR PALESTINE.

Israel was created in the British Mandate of Palestine, a piece of land which contains parts of the historical regions of Ancient Israel, Palaestina, Judea, Canaan, Greater Syria (Bilaad Sham) and the Land of Israel.

Yes and No. Palestine has two different definitions and Israel has two definitions. Palestine 1: All of the lands of the former British Mandate of Palestine. Palestine 2: All of the lands not under Israeli control in 1950 that serve as the basis for any current two-state proposal for the State of Palestine. Israel 1: All of the lands under Israeli control in 1950. Israel 2: All of the lands under Israeli control, both military and civil as of 2012. Now for the spatial relationships. Israel 1 is entirely within the borders of Palestine 1, but smaller (78%) Israel 1 (78%) + Palestine 2 (22%) = Palestine 1 Israel 2 and Palestine 2 overlap in much of the West Bank Territories. Israel 2 and Israel 1 overlap in all of Israel 1's territories. Israel 2 does not control the Gaza Strip territories which are part of Palestine 1 and Palestine 2. Israel 2 also controls some Syrian territory not in either Palestine.

It is occurring in the Middle East, specifically in the countries of Israel and Palestine.

No. Palestine is the name of another region that is nearby and by some accounts overlapping with Israel.

The Ottoman Empire controlled Palestine and Israel in the 16th century.

The Jews of the British Mandate of Palestine declared independence as Israel in 1948.

Israel controls the area known as Palestine.

Answer 1Palestine.Answer 2No really good answer. Since Palestine had never previously been an Arab self-determining region prior to 1948, it seems unreasonable to claim that Israel was created from the country of Palestine. (This is as opposed to saying that the US State of Texas was created from the original country of Texas which was independent for a short period.) Israel was previously the British Mandate of Palestine which was previously a part of the Ottoman Empire, so the country that Israel would have been created from would either be the United Kingdom, the Ottoman Empire, or the League of Nations Trust (the organization that supervised Mandates).

PLO stands for Palestinian Liberation Organization, and the name explains the purpose for which it was created; to liberate Palestine from Israel. The PLO and Israel made peace in the 1990's, and since then Palestine has existed as a semi-autonomous state within Israel.

They gave up control of the Mandate of Palestine.

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