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Romania picked the wrong side in two world wars. In WWI they thought the Russians were doing well in 1916 and so joined with them. Romania was quickly overrun by German / Austrian troops and occupied for the duration of the war. In WWII, the Romanians thought they knew better. They sided with Germany from the start (what was the alternative? siding with Stalinist Russia was not really an option.) Germany assisted Romania in the war by proving military supplies and various trade. Romania provided most of Germany's natural petroleum supplies. Romania's military fought well alongside Germany's, on the Russian front. About 500,000 Romanian troops died here including large numbers in the Stalingrad campaign of 1942-43. The western allies bombed what parts of the country they could, but the long distances involved prevented the mass terror bombing perpetrated on Germany. After the war, Romania suffered like the rest of eastern Europe at the hands of the Soviets. The country was brutalized by Soviet occupation. Some territory was stripped away. A puppet pro-Soviet government was set up. Secret police terrorized the populace. Eventually the Soviets withdrew and Communism collapsed. The pro-Soviet leadership was disbanded or executed. The Romanians did extremely well out of WW1. They gained Transylvania, the Banat and several adjoining districts, the Bukovina and Bessarabia. The country doubled in size! They were in very good standing with the West because they suppressed the Bela Kun's Communist uprising in Hungary in 1919.

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Q: Was Romania damaged by World War 2?
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In the world war II Romania was allied with Germany.

Who ruled Romania in World War 2?

For most of World War 2 Romania was ruled by the Fascist dictator and Jew-baiter Antonescu.

Did Romania win World War 2?

No, Romania was a loser country.

Was Romania responsible for World War 2?

No it was not.

Why was Romania on the side of the Allies in World War 2?

Because after 23.08.1944 Romania capitulated.

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Romania was severely punished behind WW2.

How did the Soviet Union occupied Romania World War 2?

Because Soviet Union defeated Romania in WW 2.

What side was Romania on in World War 2?

Romania was allied with Germany from June 1941 to 23.08.1944; from this date to the end of the war Romania was obliged to fight against Germany.

Who was the leader of romania in world war 2?

Ion Antonescu .

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Who led Romania in World War 2?

Ion Antonescu

How was Romania affected in world war 2?

It was greatly affected,

Who did romaina take sides with in world war 2?

In the world war II Romania was allied with Germany

What is the population of Romania in world war 2?

In 1939 the population of Romania was approx. 20 000 000.

Whose side were Romania on in the World War 2?

In the World War II Romania was allied with Germany, Hungary, Finland, etc. against Soviet Union invaders.

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Romania was an ally of Germany.Romania was an ally of Germany.

Romania during World War 2?

Romania was an ally of Germany.Romania was an ally of Germany.

Why did Romania just give up some of its terrotory without a fight in World War 2?

In World War 2 Romania was a kind of Nazi poodle until the Soviet army reached the country ...

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Romania was very much in the German sphere of influence and a Fascist state.

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What did Romania do during World War 2?

Romania was an ally of Germany from 1941 to 23.o8.1944; after this date Romania was obliged to be an ally of the Soviet Union.

Who was the US in war with in World War 2?

Japan, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.