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No. A constitutional amendment was necessary before congress could impose a tax on property.

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2012-01-10 23:59:59
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Q: Was a constitutional amendment necessary before congress could impose a tax on income?
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A constitutional amendment was necessary before congress could impose a tax on what?


Who has the power to propose amendments to the Constitution of the United States?

The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution.Also, the people can propose amendments to the Constitution. This is not a power held exclusively by Congress. In fact, amendments are not made by Congress. Only the people decide whether or not an amendment is accepted as law.Considering that both Congress and the State Legislatures represent the will of the People, either or both of these parts of government must agree before a proposed Constitutional Amendment is ratified. If they don't agree, then the proposed Constitutional Amendment is ignored.No other branch of government has the right to veto a Constitutional Amendment or declare it Unconstitutional, as they have no participatory role in the ratification of a Constitutional Amendment.

When was Amendment VI brought before Congress?

it was brought before congress in 1791

Where did the 19th amendment start?

The 19th Amendment, passed by Congress in 1919, and ratified in 1920, ultimately gave women the right to vote. The history of the 19th Amendment is steeped in lengthy struggles and campaigns, referred to as the Women's Suffrage Movement.When you ask "where" did the 19th Amendment start, the answer would be in Seneca Falls, N.Y., where the first Woman's Rights Convention took place in 1848.By the year 1878, a constitutional amendment was proposed, before congress, that provided, "The right of citizens to vote shall not be abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex." This same constitutional amendment was proposed, for the next 41 years and ultimately passed by congress in 1919.

How much of Congress must approve an amendment to the U.S. Constitution before it is sent to the states?

How much of Congress must approve an amendment to the U.S. Constitution before it is sent to the states?

What is a constitution amendment?

A constitutional amendment is any change in the US Constitution. Like the constitution, an amendment must be proposed and then adopted by Congress or by state conventions. It must then be ratified by 2/3 of the current states before it becomes part of the Constitution. Amendments can only be superceded by another later amendment, or repealed by one.

If congress proposes a law does three-fourths of the states must ratify it or it will not become a law?

It is not a new law that Congress can propose that takes the ratification of three-fourth's of the states. It is the proposal of a constitutional amendment. If two-thirds of both houses of Congress vote to propose a particular constitutional amendment, at least three-fourths of the legislatures of the fifty states must vote to ratify the proposed amendment before it can become law. The proposal can be made by national convention also. See Sources and related links for more information.

How much of congress must approve an amendment to the US Constitution before it is sent to the senate?

Two thirds of Congress must approve an amendment to the US Constitution before it is sent to the states.

Could congress pass a law that would reduce the number of senators from the state of Rhode Island to one?

The number of senators per state is a provision of the US constitution and it therefore can only be changed by a constitutional amendment. Congress would be able to propose such an amendment, if it wished to do so, but the amendment would have to be ratified by the state legislatures before it would become part of the constitution.

Which amendment gives congress the power to choose the president and vice president if they die before the inauguration?

amendment 20

What did the 19th amendment protect the voting rights of?

The 19th amendment was the culmination of efforts of womenâ??s suffrage since the early 1800â??s. It took several decades before the political atmosphere changed enough that the idea of an amendment to the Constitution would become a realization. Once the idea was formed, written and passed by Congress and the Senate it was not long before women had the right to vote, backed by a Constitutional Amendment.

What was the big problem with the bill of the rights before the passage of the fourteenth amendment?

Prior to the passage of the fourteenth amendment, the application of any constitutional protection was uneven. The fourteenth amendment was intended to force the equal application of constitutional protections to all persons. umm yeah this didn't answer my question

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