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yes roentgen discovered xrays about 35 years prior making it possible

yet it wouldn't fix his legs

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What president have taken a narrow view of presidential powers?

theodore roosevelt

How were the actions taken by President Roosevelt similar to President Johnson?

i think because he also tryed to help it

Was it possible for Theodore Roosevelt to have x ray of leg taken?

Yes, it was possible. When his President, William McKinley, was shot at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo NY, X-Ray was available (but wasn't used!).

Did Theodore Roosevelt own any pets?

That is very possible, but only Theodore Roosevelt knows. No one has taken note of that.

Why did President Franklin D Roosevelt not like having his picture taken?

He was scared of the "flash."

Many of the steps taken by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to address the economic problems of the Great Depression were?

The steps were taken under congressional delegation of power

Because Teddy Roosevelt was so taken with a plaque depicting him which president is the only one facing to the right on US coins?

Abraham Lincoln

How many vice-presidents have taken over for presidents in the case of the president dying resigning being disabled or being removed from office?

John Tyler, Millard fillmore, Andrew Johnson, Chester Arthur, Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, and Gerald Ford. So Nine

Why did Hitler kill disabled people?

Because Hitler believed that they were no use to Germany and and disabled people that were 'curable' were taken to do experiments on.

What way did john Muir convince teddy Roosevelt to protect Yosemite valley?

John Muir had taken Teddy Roosevelt out on an overnight excursion to Yosemite's Glacier Point. President Roosevelt was so impressed by the trip that Muir was able to convince him to make the land a national park.

Has a vice president been re elected after taken over?

There have been four Vice Presidents who became President and then won an election: Teddy Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, Harry Truman, and Lyndon Johnson.

When Franklin Roosevelt broke the no third term tradition did he violate the constitution?

No, prior to Franklin Roosevelt enacting a third term, there was no mention in the number of terms a president could serve in the Constitution. Since George Washington had just served two terms, most presidents had taken it as an unspoken rule. After President Roosevelt died in 1945, Congress created the Twenty-Second Amendment which limited a president to two terms of office.

What Nebraska city was the president was taken to?

The president was taken to Omaha NE after he was told about the twin towers!!!!

Which president was known as teddy bear?

Theodore Roosevelt. He was an avid hunter and on one expedition he came across a bear cub. Pictures were taken with the cub and he became known as "teddy bear".

What does a car look like with one wheel taken off?

Looks like it is disabled.

Where is a housing for disabled in this city?

Volunteers of America is a huge organization that has tons of opportunity to volunteer. If you contact them you should be able to find a location near you where the disabled are taken care of.

Does President Obama have the Swine Flu?

No, As President all precautions and preventative measures have been taken to keep him as far away from the swine flu as possible. He even has body guards that catch it for him ;0).

Who was the first president on record to have his picture taken?

President James Polk (1845-49) was the first president to have his picture taken while he was in office.

Which president could read the fastest?

John F. Kennedy was known for his prodigious reading ability. He was known to have taken speed reading courses. Franklin Roosevelt was also a very fast reader.

Who were the people involved in creating Yosemite National Park?

The two most notable figures in the creation of the park are John Muir and President Roosevelt. Apparently, Muir had taken Roosevelt up to Glacier Point for a multi-day excursion and Roosevelt fell in love with the park, helped by the overnight snow. His impression helped encourage him to sign the park into establishment.

Can your car be taken for late payments if you become disabled?

Yes, it is not the banks fault you are disabled. You can conntact you loan company and they may be willing to work with you. But they are not required to change the terms of the loan.

Did Dwight D. Eisenhower become president after Harry S. Truman took over for Franklin Delano Roosevelt?

Dwight D. Eisenhower become president in 1953, following the presidency of Harry S. Truman who had taken over from FDR in 1945.

Can a president stay in power if world war breaks out?

So far there have been two world wars.The US President when the first one started was Woodrow Wilson; the US President when it ended was ... Woodrow Wilson.The US President when the second one started was Franklin Roosevelt. The US President when it ended was ... Harry Truman, but that's because he was Roosevelt's Vice-President and Roosevelt died shortly before the war was over.So a President can clearly remain in power "if a world war breaks out," though remaining in power if his own personal death "breaks out" is a considerably more difficult proposition.

Who was the first president to have his photo taken?

President James Polk was the first

Why was US President Teddy Roosevelt elected in 1904?

Teddy Roosevelt was relatively popular, especially because of his Square Deal, Trust-Busting, and Environmentalism. He had also been acting President from 1901 because of William McKinley's Assassination.