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oil was not the cause of World War 2. German nationalisim and beliefs of imperialistic domination of all Europe feueled by Adolf Hitler's government was the cause.

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What was Hitlers plan for and cause of World War 2?

Hitler wanted land and minerals and oil to expand his empire

How did the Saar cause World War 2?

The Saar did not cause World War 2. It was returned peacefully to Germany after a plebiscite (referendum) in 1935.

Did World War 2 cause the Korean War?


Was World War 2 a direct cause of World War 1?

What the hell are you smoking?!?!?!?!

Is imperialism a cause of World War 2?

YES. it was the main cause.

Why was Hitler important to Germany during World War 2?

because is the one who cause the world war 2

What turned World War 2 from a disagreement to a war?

Nothing ´cause there is only 2 wars in all the World.

Which was not a cause of World War 2 in Europe?

It can be anything which isn't an cause of WW2 in europe. e.g. Invasion of USSR or Battle of Berlin wasn't an cause of WW2, It was an event in world war 2.

How did the Lend Lease Act help cause World War 2?

The Lend Lease Act did not cause or help cause World War 2. It helped the Brits during the Battle of Britain and Battle of the Atlantic. The war was cause by Adolf Hitler and the Japanese.

What is the cause and effect of world war 2?

cause: more than 10 countries to be at war Effect: U.s. is feared around the world

How did Soviet Union cause world war 2?

They did not start the war it was the Germans

Who supplied Japan with oil during World War 2?

This was part of the pre-war invasion strategy to seize Borneo. They had the oil.

What did Hitler cause?

He caused World War 2 and the Holocaust.

What were 2 cause of world war 1?

1.Militarism 2.Nationalism

Did Vladimir Lenin cause World War 2?

No, he did not because Lenin had died in 1924 and World War 2 did not start until 1939.

Did religion cause world war 2?

Religion, intolerance, scapegoating, and dissatisfaction with the interference into Germany after World War I

Did Hitler cause World War 1 and World War 2?

You can say Hitler caused WW2, but not WW1.

Did Hitler started World War I?

no but Hitler was involved as a soldier in world war 1. he did cause world WA 2 though

Is it possible that world war 2 could eventually lead to a world war 3?

Possibly but if there was a third world war it is highly unlikely that the second world war would be the cause.

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