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Hello Charles, Not an easy question to answer briefly. On an individual basis the Japanese regular soldiers do not appear to have been significantly different from allied troops. In some aspects superior (endurance and adaptability to physical conditions, morale and discipline), inferior in others (adaptability to changing tactical conditions, initiative and sense of individual responsibility). The Japanese soldier was hampered by significantly inferior firepower at all times, which makes any comparison difficult. There was also a problem with the so called C3I, i.e. the command, control and communications as well as intelligence work, in the Japanese armed forces. Finally, initiative was not encouraged, which meant that Japanese combat units were exactly as good or bad as their commanders. The Japanese were trained along German patterns, although at a somewhat antiquated understanding of warfare. Like all western allies, the US improved drastically during the course of the war. The men landing in Okinawa were, in terms of training, far superior to their comrades defending the Philippines. That goes for firepower too of course. Japan on the other hand, rather deteriorated, as the regular troops of the early war - often with extensive combat experience from China - were replaced with raw recruits. Hope that helps some at least. Sincerely Tommy Yes because the Japanise were foolish to think that after destroying Pearl Harbour, the weapons and killing and injuring all those Americans that the Americans were not going to strike back more powerful.

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