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Was the US an ally of the japan?

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During World War I, Japan and the USA actually fought on the same side, although I'm not certain that they were ever technically allied.

After that war, the USA and Japan eventually had a "falling out". Japan began ruthlessly attacking China in the 1930's, conquering chunks and setting up "puppet" countries under their control. Relations became worse until eventually in 1941, Japan attacked the US Navy at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Japan and the US were officially at war- which is the opposite of allies.

Japan was allied with Italy and Germany during World War II, along with a few other smaller countries like Hungary and Romania. The USA was allied with the UK, Soviet Union, China, and many other countries.

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No, in WW2 Japan was an enemy of the US.

The relation ship is that after all the wars with Japan the US is willing to make japan an ally

Yes we are on good terms at the moment. so yes they would be considered an ally.

Because it would be very hard to not ally yourself with yourself :)

After Japan bombed Pearl Harbor we declared war on them. Germany was an ally of Japan so they declared war on us. Italy was an ally of Germany so they went along with Germany and declared war.

Japan, Germany and Italy were part of the Axis Powers. So yes, Japan was an ally to Germany.

the Nazis convinced them after their ally.

Pearl is in the US and it was Japan, an ally of Germany that attacked it.

Britain didn't exactly ally the US. It was the other way around and the reason US got involved in the war was because Japan dropped a bomb on their Pearl Harbour. Because Japan was Axis Powered and against Britain the US allied with Britain. As well the US and Britain were already allies from before.

France was an enemy of Japan.

VERY friendly. The wartime tensions are long gone. Japan is a strong and VERY important ally of the US and other western nations.

Because the United States had declared war on Japan, Germany's ally.

Pearl Harbor was the main reason the US joined the war. They declared war on Germany and Japan because Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, and Germany was Japan's ally.

Japan was an Axis Power (Germany, Japan, and Italy).

Japan was a German ally and Japan attacked the U.S. Navy at Pearl Harbor. Navies were a lot more important back then.

Mainly Pearl Harbor because Japan was an ally of Germany. After Pearl Harbor was bombed the US declard war on Japan and because they were allies Germany and Italy see it fit to declare war on the US.

Italy was an ally WW1 but not in WW2

Oman is mainly a British ally.

Australia was a primary ally to the US during the Vietnam War.

Yes, Japan was an ally of Germany in World War II. Along with Italy, the three nations were known as the Axis Powers.

None. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The US declared war on Japan and since Germany was their ally, the Germans declared war on the US, too.

December 11, 1941 the US declared war on Germany and Italy (both allies of Japan). Germany had declared war on the US to support it's ally, Japan. The US had already declared war on Japan on December 8, 1941 in response to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor the day before.

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