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old stone age
Old Stone Age


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The old Stone Age is characterized by the first use of stone tools and a nomadic, hunter-gatherer lifestyle. The middle Stone Age is characterized by the beginning of the societal shift from nomadic to agrarian. The new Stone Age, or the Neolithic period is characterized by an agrarian lifestyle and the first domestication of plants and animals.

Agriculture: the people of the neolithic became farmers and began to live a more settled lifestyle.

Old stone age means where the people used to go for hunting , ate raw fruits and never cooked the flesh of hunted animals. Old stone age people led a nomadic life .Where as new stone age means where the people started agriculture , and developed many scientific knowledge and also they started to believe in the natural things . New stone age people led a settled life.

old stone age is stone age is new.Your Welcome.

During the old stone age they hunted and gathered.During the new stone age they farm

the old stone age had less technology

there where more rocks in the old stone age. new stone is new rocks.

The middle stone age ended with a ice age marking the beginning of the new stone age

The Stone (Paleolithic) Age was followed by the New Stone (Neolithic) Age. Apparently, the major change was the development of Agriculture as climates started to warm due to the end of the last Ice Age. The domestication of land for farming and animals for their products allowed populations to expand a lot so that nomadic tribes could settle into small villages. By the end of the Neolithic Age, simple trade routes and chiefdoms existed along with some who remained nomadic for various reasons.

In the old stone age people used stone and in the new stone age they discovered new things like how to make fire and all that stuff

Which of the following is known as the New Stone Age

the new stone age climate was warm

Old Stone Age vs New Stone Age; Similarities: stone tools, hunted wild animals, weapons, ate plants, OSA worked in groups, (cooperatively), NSA traded; (both types of cooperation); NSA: farmers, settled less nomadic, domestication of dogs, horses, camels, cattle, food surplus, increase in population,I got this info from

about 12000 years ago for the old stone and i dont now how old for the new stone age

Bronze has its own age, the Bronze Age. This immediately follows the new stone age or neolithic period.

The New Stone Age, or Neolithic is generally followed by the Bronze Age.

Villages and farms were in existence in the new stone age

In the old stone age they began to use stone for tools. In the middle stone age they began to use fire,and farm. In the New stone age they began to build communities.

The new stone age is Neolithic, the middle stone age is Mesolithic, and the old stone age is called Paleolithic.

the Old Stone Age, or Paleolithic Age, and the New Stone Age, orNeolithic Age.

The Neolithic Age was when they went through the farming revolution and became not just hunter gathers but farmers. It marked a move from nomadic living.

compare and contrast the new and the old stone age

In the old and new stone age, they were made all from stone. However, in the new stone age, they started to make sharper blades and handles to make new tools.

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