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Was there a real princess from Russia named Anastasia?

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There were several Princesses named Anastasia in Russia. The most famous one was the fourth daughter of Nicholas II, the last Russian Tsar. Her full title was Her Imperial Highness The Grand Duchess Anastasia Nicolaievna of Russia (b. June 18, 1901, believed to have died July 17, 1918.)

After the Imperial family was executed in 1918 there have been several people who claimed to be Anastasia, but they either lacked proof, or were proven to be impostors.

Recent archaeological research in July and August 2007 at the execution site in Ekaterinburg, Russia discovered remains believed to be those of Anastasia. DNA testing results from DNA submitted by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, first cousin to the children of the Tsar and Empress, have proven the remains are those of two of the Tsar's children.

The male remains were those of the Tsarevitch Alexei, while the female ones were initially believed to be Anastasia, but were proven to be s sister Grand Duchess Marie.

Anastasia's fate remains uncertain. However, it most likely is nothing like the various fictional accounts.

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