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They were no race other than 'human'. According to the Jewish religion all the people of the Earth are descended equally from them.

Also, the Christian Greek Scriptures support this fact. Acts 17:26 tells us: ". . . From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth. . ."(NIV)

The Bible gives us no idea what 'color' Adam and Eve were. ALL humans are various shades of 'earth-tones', from light beige to deep brown, and Adam and Eve could have been any of a rainbow of hues. They were given the ability to produce a variety of people(Genesis 1:28/Genesis 3:20) with a variety of skin tones, but Adam and Eve's color is never mentioned. Later, Noah's sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth(Genesis 5:32) continued to produce all the races on earth(Shem-Asian/Ham-African/Japheth-European).
Scientifically speaking a literal Adam and Eve as they appear in the Bible never existed. But let's say they did, they certainly would not have been white.

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Who was the first white person?

Adam and Eve

What colour were Adam and Eve?

They were both white adults.

Why do people think that Adam and Eve were white when they were really black?

Why do people think that Adam and Eve even existed.

What bible verse is Adam and Eve?

If you mean "Which bible verse contains Adam and Eve?"Adam and Eve are found in a lot of verses. Adam and Eve are found in early Genesis

What percent of white people in the world?

4 - GOD, Jesus, Adam and Eve

What is the name of a video about Adam and Eve?

There are three movies that deal directly with Adam and Eve; they are The Bible: In The Beginning, The Sin of Adam And Eve and The Creation: Adam And Eve. There are several movies that have excerpts of the story of Adam and Eve but they are only reference points.

What were the hardship of Adam and Eve?

Adam and Eve had to do everything alone.

Is Adam and Eve in heaven?

yes adam and eve are in heaven.

Where did came from Adam and Eve?

Adam and Eve were created from God

Who was created after Adam and Eve?

adam and eve were created by God

If Adam and Eve were white how were there African Americans and Hispanic people and all the other races?

What makes you think Adam and Eve were white? The Garden of Eden is thought to have been in current Iran, so since there was no Iran, they weren't Iranian, but they certainly weren't "white".

Was Noah before Adam and Eve?

The historical position is that neither Noah nor Adam and Eve actually existed. The biblical position is that Noah was after Adam and Eve.

Did Adam and Eve just appear?

No Adam and Eve were not there by accident, they were created by god, Adam from the clay and Eve from one of Adams rib.

Did the snake trick Adam in the Adam and Eve story?

No, the snake tricked Eve into eating the fruit, then Eve persuaded Adam to eat it.

Adam and Eve who?

ADAM AND EVE was the 1st man and woman on earth!!

Who was born first Adam or Eve?

Adam, Eve was created from his rib.

Where did Adam and Eve came from?

Adam and Eve were created by Jehovah (God).

Why did Adam and Eve came to earth?

God created Adam and Eve

How old were Adam and Eve when they were born?

Adam and Eve were not born, but they were created.

Were Adam and Eve brother and sister?

No, Eve was made from a part of Adam

Where was Adam when eve ate the fruit?

Adam was in the garden of Eden.

What is the Arabic pronunciation of Eve?

if it's the name eve : eve (the same as in eng), or hawwaa which means eve (Adam = Adam and hawwaa= eve) eve = حواء

Why did god call Adam and Eve Adam and Eve why not call them some other names?

Adam resembled the Hebrew word for dust or earth (adamah) that he was made out of and Adam named Eve Eve because Eve resembles the word for living, and she was the mother of all living. For the record, God did not name her Eve, Adam did.

How do you spell Adam and Eve in Hebrew?

Adam = ah-dahm (???) Eve = khah-vah (???)

Which came first Adam and Eve or noah?

Adam and Eve were first. They were the first people God created. Noah was a decendant of Adam and Eve.

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