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I don't remember reading that any airmen were taken captive but one of the mini subs was captured on a neighboring island. There is a picture showing the men who piloted the subs in and around Pearl Harbor - all of those men are pictured except the man taken captive. He dishonored the Japanese therefore he lost his position in Japanese history.

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Q: Were any downed Japanese airmen captured and taken prisoner at Pearl Harbor?
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Did any Japanese people die during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese attack force lost 55 airmen, nine submariners and one submariner was taken prisoner.

What were POWs in World War 2?

P.O.W stands for Prisoner of War. They were soldiers or airmen who were captured or surrendered.

What were the Japanese loses during the attack on pearl harbor?

they lost 55 japenese airmen

How many Japanese died in the attack on Pearl Harbor?

64 (55 airmen and 9 submariners)

What Japanese forces were used in pearl harbor attack?

Japanese Naval Air Forces (Naval Airmen), launched from aircraft carriers.

Why did the Japanese not tell their pilots who their target was before the attack of pearl harbor?

The airmen knew their targets. They had to study them.

The total number of Japanese casualties at pearl harbor?

29 airplanes and 5 mini-subs: 29 airmen and 10 sub crewmen. If the planes were torpedo/dive bombers they had 3 airmen per plane.

Total number of men japan had during pearl harbor?

Less than a 1,000 Japanese Naval Airmen flew the attack planes.

How many Japanese soldiers were involved in pearl harbor?

There were NO Japanese Soldiers involved with the attack. The attack was conducted by Japanese AIRCREWMEN. Soldiers fight on the ground. Airmen fight in the sky. Sailors fight on the sea. Marines are NAVAL INFANTRY.

Did the United States get planes in the air when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor?

Yes, at least 3 known US Army Airmen had aerial battles (dog-fights) with Japanese airplanes, while flying their P-40 Warhawks.

How did tyhe Americans try to stand up for the Japanese durin Pearl Harbor?

US ground crews fired back at the attacking airplanes; US Airmen took off in their airplanes and engaged Japanese airplanes in aerial combat (dog-fights).

How were U.S. soldiers tortured in Vietnam?

Most US Soldierss were not captured. Those circumstances were usually reserved for US Airmen who had been shot down over North Vietnam. Torture may have occurred to those downed airmen, whose status was POW (Prisoner of War). Refer to books and websites concerning POWs in the Vietnam War.

Why was Japan successful after Pearl Harbor?

1. The attack was well planned. 2. The warships performed as designed. 3. Japanese Dive Bombers, Torpedo Planes, and Fighters were excellent in design and performance. 4. Japanese Ordnance (Bombs, Torpedos, etc.) performed as designed. 5. Japanese Sailors and Airmen were well trained, and performed their duties as expected.

Did anyone who bombed Pearl Harbor survive?

MOST of the aircraft carriers and airmen who fought at Pearl Harbor were destroyed during the Battle of Midway in 1942.

How many Japanese died during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

There where 59 Japanese killed in Pearl Harbor, all members of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Nine were the crew of 5 Type A midget submarines (of the 10 crew one was captured). The remainder were crews from aircraft shot down in the attack or lost as a result of damage and unable to return to the carriers. From Britannica Concise Encyclopedia: (64) Japanese losses: 4 midget submarines sunk, 1 midget submarine run aground, 29 aircraft destroyed, 55 airmen killed 9 submariners killed

How many planes did japan lose at Pearl Harbor?

The attack on Pearl Harbor cost the Japanese 29 aircraft and 55 airmen,also they lost the 5 midget submarines deployed to infiltrate the harbor.The Japanese mustered 360 aircraft in two waves and suffered a little more than 8% casualty rate,they had estimated this attack could be very heavy if surprise was not achieved.

How did us soldiers become prisoner in Vietnam war?

downed airmen were captured as early as 1965 including the cia air america pilots operating in laos. ground troops were rarely taken alive when captured. mainly because nlf and nva didn't have adequeate resources to keep them alive. in difficult jungle conditions it was easy to get cut off and lost from organized units.

How did the Japanese train for the Pearl Harbor attack?

All modern military forces during WWII used simulators for training. Mechanical ones, NOT the computerized simulators of today. Japanese airmen used simulators which used 4 or 6 foot long model US warships and sighted in on them with their (non-flying) simulators for practice. Then weeks before sailing for the actual attack, the airmen flew their aircraft on manuevers, dropping practice bombs and torpedos in a hidden bay, so spys could not see them.

How did most POW become captured in Vietnam?

Most of the POWs in North Vietnam were airmen who had been shot down during bombing missions.

How many US soldiers captured in the Vietnam War?

Approximately a thousand US servicemen were captured during the war; only about a dozen or two were soldiers, marines, or sailors. The vast majority of US POWs were downed airmen.

The naval battle in the pacif where the strength of the Japanese navy was destroyed was the battle of?

Midway is where Japan lost their best and experienced airmen; the Philippine Sea in 1944 (two years later) is where Japan lost the rest of their carriers and airmen.

How many japans plans attacked Pearl Harbor?

353 Japanese planes attacked Pearl Harbor. They came in two waves from the Japanese aircraft carriers. Very few were shot down despite the firings from the ships and by the pilots who were able to get into the air to fight them off. The list below shows you how few were shot down on 12-7-41. The human losses listed here are Japanese losses.4 midget submarines sunk and two have been found since that day1 midget submarine ran aground27 aircraft destroyed,55 airmen killed9 submariners killed1 submariner captured

How many US aircraft carriers were sunk during pearl harbor?

None. Those were the airmen's primary they settled for battleships instead.

How did the Tuskegee airmen get their name?


What are some differences between 91101 and Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor used military aircraft and airmen against a military target. New York City was a SUICIDE attack by CIVILIANS using CIVILIAN Aircraft against CIVILIAN targets.