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Were the number one spark plug located on a 94 Chrysler 35?


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number #1 spark plug is located (if u are looking under hood) right side first one closest to you. NOTE* TO REPLACE SPARK PLUGS ON A Chrysler 3.5 LITER V-6 YOU MUST ALSO REPLACE UPPER PLENTIUM GASKET!!!!

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what is the spark plug firing order on a 1900 dodge Dakota and the number one spark plug located on motor and rotor

#1 spark plug is always located at the cylinder closest to the belts.

passenger side third spark plug back Driver side ?

If you are standing in front of the car, your number 1 spark plug is the first plug on the left in the front of the car. Number 2 is the first plug on the right. 3rd plug is the second one on the left and so on.

There are six spark plugs. They are located under the plug wires through the top of the valve covers.

The spark plug gap on a 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser with turbo is between .40 and .50. The difference is in the type of plug used.

You need a spark plug socket with a rubber grip inside to lift the plug out.

The spark plug gap for a 1997 Chrysler Sebring is .044 inches. Spark plugs now come preset, however, so manually setting the gap is unnecessary.

Number 8 spark plug location on a 4.6 liter ford 2002. Is located on the Driver Side , Last one near the fire wall...

A 2000 Concorde does not have plug wires. There are individual coils on each spark plug.A 2000 Concorde does not have plug wires. There are individual coils on each spark plug.

the spark plugs require a 5/8 inch spark plug socket.

each spark plug has own coil must remove coil first to get to plug

.40 thousands and if its a champion OE spark plug its .50 thousands

Number 3 is passanfer side 3rd one back, number 4 is first one on the drivers side

Each cylinder has its own coil mounted on the top of each spark plug boot

If your talking about the ford fusion you don't have a number 7 plug because it only has six plugs.

On the 4.2 inline 6, the 4th cylinder from the front of the engine is number 4. The engine is a coil on plug, the spark plug is located under the coil in the center of the valve cover.

There is no spark plug cap located on the 1993 Chevy Blazer. The spark plug gap for this vehicle varies depending on the type of spark plug that is used. The OEM spark plug gap for this year is 0.040.

On Dodges, the the first(front) drivers side cylinder(spark plug) is the number one. So if you follow that wire to the distributor cap you will have the number one position. this should work for big and small block motors

The spark plugs on a Chrysler 300 are changed by removing the plenum assembly, pulling the plug boots, and removing each plug using a deep wall socket. The gap of each new plug is set and installed into the heads.

The spark plug gap on a 1996 Chrysler Town and Country is .050 inch.

The spark plug is located under the fuel tank. You need to remove the tank to replace the plug.

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