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Most Likely. Throughout World War II many American factories changed from making whatever to making armaments for the war. There was a huge increase in factories making armaments because of having to supply U.S. troops as well as others such as the U.K. and other allied nations. The allies in Europe were poor and right in the battle feild so the U.S. gave money weapons and men. I would say there was definatly a factory in every state makeing weapons at leats one in each anyway.

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Q: Were there any factories creating war supplies in Colorado during World War 2?
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Were there factories creating war supplies in NYC during World War 2?


What disadvantages did south have during the civil war?

less supplies and factories

Why did northern factories profit during the civil war?

Huge demand for all kinds of war supplies.

How did industries help the north during the civil war?

More factories meant more weapons and ammunition and military supplies.

Why was fewer factories disadvantage during and after the war?

Factories are needed to make goods. During the war they made uniforms, supplies, guns, weapons and other necessary items. After the war they were needed to create the things needed to rebuild.

What happened to the north during the civil war?

It enjoyed huge prosperity because all kinds of war supplies were in demand from its factories and farms.

What resources did the North have that gave it a significant advantages over the South during the Civil war?

The North had the factories capable of making supplies and equipment for war.

How did the American government produce the necessary supplies as quickly as possible to fight world war 2?

US Factories were NOT bombed by the enemy during WW2.

What stimulated the north's economy during the civil war?

The huge demand for all the war-supplies that Northern factories and farms could provide - and that Southern plantations couldn't.

What were new jobs for women during world war 2?

women worked in factories to make weapons and war supplies. They filled the role that men had before the war.

What new factories opened during the civil war?

waffle factories

What did Victorian factories workers do?

they didnt have factories during the Victorian era

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