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Which sentence suggests the least amount of psychic distance

Which sentence suggests the greatest amount of psychic distance

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Q: What is a word that contains a smaller word meaning a container for tea,etc. fitted with a tap?
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Where they fitted by friction solder Lead or with threads like their smaller in diameter siblings?

Were what fitted............?

Can any suit be fitted?

Only if it is too large, they can make them smaller, but not larger.

How much cereal can roughly be fitted into 2.8 liter Cereal Container?

it depends on how big and heavy each of the cereal flakes are

What is The meaning of inept?

Not apt or fitted;displaying lack of sense;clumsy work

Which larger shape would be made if the two sectins are fitted togethr?

The answer depends on what shapes the smaller sections are!

What is the meaning of lovable?

Having qualities that excite, or are fitted to excite, love; worthy of love.

Convex mirrors fitted to a car makes following cars appear to be?

Further away (smaller) than they actually are.

What is The difference between a baseball cap and a fitted cap?

Fitted- no adjustment strip also a larger wider, flater bill. Baseball cap has the adjustment strip and a smaller more rounded bill to keep the sun out of your eyes.

What shoes make your feet look smaller?

Shoes that are more form-fitted to one's feet, like Pumas and New Balance shoes, or flats in general, make feet look smaller.

Tanks and Buldozers are fitted with caterpillar tracks rather than wheels Why?

caterpillar tracks have large surface area than wheels. larger the surface area, smaller will be the pressure. Hence tanks and buldozers are fitted with caterpillar tracks

Organisms that are best fitted for survival?

Organism that are best fitted for survival, can rapidly adapt to the changes in there environment. before you search the meaning of ecology is the study of plants and animals and their interaction with one another and with their environment.

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