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A political party focused on a single issue, which does not align with one of the major political parties in its nation.

The Green Party is an example in the United States. Their focus is on environmental issues to the exclusion of all else, and they are not aligned with one of the major political parties. An example from the United Kingdom is the SNP or Scottish National Party, whose single issue is removing Scotland from the UK.

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Q: What is an issue based third party?
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Related questions

Which third party is an example of a single-issue party?

The Green Party!

What party is a third party addressing or promoting a social economic or moral issue?

the answer is "single-issue"

The Prohibition Party was an example of what?

A third party, a single-issue party, and a long-existing party.

What kind of party was the Prohibition Party?

The Prohibition Party was, and continues to be, a single-issue political third party.

What third party is an example of a single-issue party?

The Bloc Quebecois party is an example of a single-issue party in Canada. Its single goal is for the separation of Quebec from the rest of Canada.

The Prohibition Party was an example of?

The Prohibition Party was and is (it still exists) a single issue third political party.

What are theThe Prohibition Party was an example of a?

The Prohibition Party is (it still exists) both a third party and a single-issue party.

Which of the following is usually a small political party that focuses on one particular issue?

Third party

What is a third party formed only to promote a social economic or moral issue?

it is either lame duck plank party or single issue party.

The Prohibition Party was founded in 1869 for the purpose of preventing the manufacturer and sale of alcoholic beverages in the US The Prohibition Party is an example of?

It is a single issue political third party.

What are the three types of third parties and what is the party or parties associated with each?

Single-issue Party; Liberty Party and Free Soil PartyIdeological Party; Socialist Labor Party and Communist Party USASplinter Party; Bull Moose Party

Is a third party bad?

Third parties take away the top two parties votes. They focus soley on one issue, having narrow minds.

What issue split the Democratic Party?

Slavery was the issue of the split in the Democratic Party.

What role do third parties play?

In many situations, third parties play the role of witnesses or opinion making. If people want a neutral opinion about a certain issue, they may ask a third party to give an opinion.

What are the contributions of the third party in the United States political system?

Third parties make issues aware to the American public which then pressures the Democrats or the Republicans to put that issue onto their platform.

What is the most famous example of a third party candidate was?

The most famous in recent history is probably H. Ross Perot from the the 1992 and 1996 U.S. presidential elections. (Pardon my U.S.-centric bias -- "two-party" versus "third-party" is largely a U.S. political issue, as far as I understand.)

Who ran as a third party candidate in 1968?

George Wallace, governor of Alabama, ran as a third party candidate in 1968. He won 5 states, got 13.5% of the popular vote and 46 electoral votes. His main issue was racial segregation which he favored.

What are the different types of third parties?

There are essentially four types of third parties, and they are distinguished by their motives for being so. First, there is the "spoiler." They are the ones who became as outcasts in their original party and so created their own to "spoil" their old party's chances at winning by taking away votes. Second, there is the "splinter." They simply break off of one of the larger parties because such parties didn't represent their ideas and beliefs. Third, there is the "ideologue." These parties have a world view unique to themselves and so feel strongly enough to create their own party based on it. Lastly, ther is the "protestor" or "single issue" party. These ones form on the basis of an issue or issues. So those are all of the types of third parties (to my knowledge).

What is the plural of third party?

The plural of third party is third parties.

What is the third party called?

what is a third party collection call

How do you write about anything as a third party?

I would be first party, you would be second party, he or she would be third party.

In Massachusetts can a police officer issue a traffic ticket based on the claim of a third party if the officer was not present when the alleged infraction took place?

Traffic infractions are misdemeanors. To take lawful action, a misdemeanor offense must have been committed in the officers presence. EXCEPTION: if the officer was investigating an occurrence after it had taken place, (e.g.- accident - etc.) he can issue a citation based on physical evidence, the statements of witnesses, and the results of his investigation.

You accepted a Third Party Check that then bounced Who is responsible the first or second party?

The third-party would contact the second-party as it was that party that received the goods or services from the third-party. The second-party would have recourse against the original issuer (first-party).

What might cause an iPod touch charging problem?

Check the charger. This issue arises usually when you are using third party gadget for charging.

In what ways would strong third parties make the American political system more democratic?

Third parties make the political system more democratic by offering more choices. America has become a two-party system with third parties struggling to even get on the ballot in most states. A strong third party, which addresses a specific issue or platform, would force the two dominant parties to expand their platform to include these issues in an effort to compete with the third party.