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What 1993 Pontiac Sun bird 2.0 L OHC have replaced Cylinder Head Now you put in a new alternator and battery but drains battery when running have checked all the fuses and whats left that it could be?


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not charging

possible wire short or connector not plugged in properly. You need to check alternater out put . If the alternator isn't getting a signal it wont charge. It sounds like your battery isn't draining it not being charged as the engine runs. Your system is using the battery power to run all the electronics causing it to run down.

Inspect your battery negative (ground wire) at the engine block. After 10 years, the OEM Negative cable becomes brittle and creates a high resistance (hot spot) at the cable connection to the engine block. It is often the most overlooked item when troubleshooting the charging system.

You can have a custom Negative side post terminal fabricated using 2 ga. battery cable, and you can save money if you remove your old cable and take to a shop equipped to make them. A welding supply shop is an possible option. Be sure to order extra grounding connects [at the battery terminal], too. You should have at least 2 if you want to upgrade the sound system in your Sunbird.

Your other option is to purchase a service replacement, which you can order from most auto parts sources.

Unless there are visible signs of damage or any evidence of a white powdery residue near the ends of the positive cable, the cable usually doesn't need replacement.

Just install a new battery stud in the terminal, if yours is worn.