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Piebald is not a cross breed. Two dachshunds bred together need to have the piebald gene in their background. Piebald is recessive and will not show up but you could see a relative that was a piebald in the pedigree. Two piebalds bred together will produce all piebald puppies.

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What 2 breeds make up a mini ature dachshund?

A Miniature Dachshund is a pure breed registered by the American Kennel Corporation.

What two dogs make up a Chiweenie?

Chihuahua and Dachshund

What two breeds make up the Appendix horse?

The thoroughbred and the quarter horse are the breeds that make up an appendix Quarter Horse.

What are the the breeds that make up the bulldale dog?


What breeds of horses make up the apploosa breed?

The appaloosa

What breeds make up a schnauser?

It is believed that the Giant Schnauzer is composed of a variety of other large breeds, including Bouviers, Great Danes and some Shepherd Breeds.

What two breeds make up a shitzapoo?

A Shih Tzu and a poodle.

Why are there different breeds of dogs?

The process of "selective breeding" allows two different types (breeds) of dogs to mate. For instance, a Golden retriever and a Standard Poodle might mate to come up with a GoldenDoodle. This allows the "designer dog" to now marry a dachshund, producing a DachDoodle (not produced yet) and so on.

What 2 breeds make up the English mastiff?

great dane and bulldog

How do you get different dog breeds on Nintendogs and cats?

On the Nintendogs game, you have to enter your dogs into lots of contests. If you make it up to Championship, you will get to choose from more breeds.

What two breeds make up the paint horse?

They have an ancestry of Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds.

What breeds make up the french bulldog?

May be Miniature Bulldogs and Molossian breed.

How do you get your dog to mate with a specific breed?

Have the specific dog that you would like your dog to mate with around your dog. Dogs don't discriminate between different breeds. that only works if th breeds of dog are the same height! another way to get different breeds of dog to mate is, (if the male is smaller than the female) pick up the male and place him on the female and try to entice him to mate. on youtube there was a dachshund that mated with a dog that was called an "askal dog"! the askal was much bigger than the dachshund too! also if u can find that video and if u know what it's called when a dogs penis gets stuck in a female, its hilarious! in the video where the dachshund mates with the askal dog, the dachshund's penis was stuck in the female, when a dog penis is stuck in a female it is called a tie.

What dogs does the nintendog ds game dachshund and friends have?

you can get up to 12 different breeds in dachshund and friends not including the dalmation and jack Russel in order you can get the dachshund of coarse the pug the shih tzu the beagle the golden retriver and the siberion husky and by earning trainor points you can get the yorkie then shiba inu the cavalier kc spaniel the pembroke welsh corgi the shetland sheepdog the miniture snauzer the boxer the toy poodle the German shepherd miniture pinxsher the chiwahwah and the labroador retriever hope this helps

Are dachshunds good with rabbits?

Unless the Dachshund is brought up from a young age around rabbits, it is unlikely that a Dachshund would get on with rabbits. Dachshunds are hunting dogs, bred to kill badgers and other small mammals. Therefore it would be unwise to introduce a fully grown Dachshund to a rabbit as the Dachshund may try and ''hunt'' it.

What breeds make up a mustang?

Mustangs are feral horses native to the United States. Mustangs are thought to be a mix of Spanish and French breeds. There are around 30,000 mustangs in the world today.

Are dachshunds dog friendly?

They can be. If you get your dachshund at a young age and be careful with not mistreating it, they will be more calm when they're grown up. My friend has a dachshund that was mistreated and its cranky all the time and will bite you. Dachshunds will get more excersize if they have another dog to play with, prefferably another dachshund.

What breeds make up yhe rottweiler?

Type your answer here... cane corso/neopolitan mastiff..both from rome

Why did the British end up capturing Bunker Hill or Breeds Hill?

Breeds hill

Can you breed your 7 year old dachshund?

It could be possible, its up to your dog's body.

How can you tell what breeds make up a mixed breed dog?

Genetic testing is now available that can estimate what breeds are in a mixed breed dog. The results aren't perfectly accurate, but interesting none the less.

What breeds make up a Jack Russell?

The Jack Russell, also known as the Parsons, Terrier is a pure breed of dog. The only way to "make up" one is to have two purebred parents.

Is a dachshund lively?

A Dachshund can be lively. But it does depend on the dogs personality. If it is the calm type, then all it cares is sleeping and relaxing. Lively is the type of up and running and loves to play a lot. Hope that helped.

How do you make Black molly or guppy fishes to breed with other breeds to mix them?

You should not. If you do, your guppy or molly will end up dying.

How many breeds are there?

Breeds of dogs have constantly been evolving and there are many new breeds which have come up by cross breeding the existing breeds of dogs. It is very difficult to determine the exact number of dog breeds but there are around more than 900 pure and mixed combined breeds of dogs.