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What 3 factors contribute to genetic diversity?

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What are the factors that contribute to equality and diversity in society?

1) Money 2) Guilt 3) More money

What are three levels of biodiversity?

1. Genetic Diversity2. Species Diversity3. Ecosystem Diversity

Explain 3 types of biological diversity by using certain example.?

genetic diversity species diversity ecosystem diversity

'which helps to ensure that genetic diversity will be maintained?

three ways that genetic diversity is maintianed. 1. independent assortment 2. crossing over 3. genetic recombination

What are three examples of biodiversity found within kortright conservation area?

1.genetic diversity2.species diversity3.ecological / ecosystem diversity

What are the 3 factors that affect the biodiversity?

area, climate, diversity of niches

What 3 factors contribute to social devaluation?


What are the factors contribute to the great diversity of the life on Earth?

Which of the following factors contribute to the great diversity of life on Earth? A Its position from the Sun B The Earth reflects from the Sun C The atmosphere of the Earth helps to maintain its surface temperature D The temperature contains many gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide. 1 A and B only 2. B and C only 3 A, C and D only 4 All of the above

What is the effect of genetic drift on genetic diversity?

Genetic drift usually only has effect on the genetic diversity of small populations of a species. Often times, genetic drift can greatly reduce the diversity of a population if a significant percent of members of the population leave by a chance event (as opposed to natural selection.) This means that their alleles for various genes leave with them. Genetic drift does not always effect genetic diversity. Most of the time, it is the allele frequency that is affected by genetic drift. For example, if there are 60 long-finned bass and 40 short-finned bass living in a pond, the gene frequency ratio is 3:2. If 25 short-finned are fished out, the allele frequency is now 4:1. If all or most of the members of a population carrying a specific gene were removed from the population because of genetic drift, that would effect the genetic diversity.

What are three factors that contribute to the accuracy of sensory data?


What are the 3 factors that contribute to the makeup of an individual?

Environment, Heredity, and God

What are four nonmodifiable risk factors that contribute to atherosclerosis?

1. Increasing age 2. Male gender 3. Genetic disorders of lipid metabolism 4. Family history of premature coronary artery disease

What does biodiversity include?

Biodiversity includes all living things. The definition of biodiverity is all living species and ecosystems and the ecological processes in which they go through. There are 3 types of biological diversity. Ecosystem diversity, community diversity and genetic diversity. Ecosystem diversity is diversity between ecosystems (e.g. Bogs, forests and oceans). Community diversity is diversity within ecosystems. Many species exist in a certain ecosystem that makes it a community. All species have adaptations suitable foe their environment (e.g. Closer to the equator = more variation. And genetic diversity is having lots of different individuals in a species. This protects species from environmental adaptations.

What are the 3 factors that contribute to the differences between people?

attitude, thinking and surroundings

Why are factors called factors?

A factor is a circumstance, fact, or influence that contributes to a result or outcome. 2 and 3, when multiplied, contribute to the result of 6. 2 and 3 are factors of 6.

Explain the differences among ginetic diversity species diversity and ecosystem diversity?

Genetic Diversity: 1. It is related to number of genes and their alleles found in organisms. 2. It is trait of the species. 3. It influences adaptability and distribution of a species in diverse habitats. Species Diversity: 1. It is related to number and distribution of species found in an area. 2. It is trait of the community. 3. It influences biotic interactions and stability of the community.

What is Bio conservation?

bio conservation is the protection of global biodiversity starting at local, regional and global communities, ecosystems and cultures and apply to both plants and animals biodiversity has 3 components: 1- Genetic diversity 2 - species diversity 3- community/ecosystem diversity bio conservation aims to protect each of these 3 aspectss

What are the factors of growth and development?

1. Heredity and genetic factors. 2. Environmental factors. 3. Physical surroundings. 4. Social factors. 5. Nutritious diet. 6. Education.

Four factors which influence the nutritional requirements of humans?

1. Age 2. Sex 3. Physical activity level 4. Genetic factors

What are the three main levels of biodiversity?

(source: AP Biology 7th Edition Textbook, page:1210, Biology 8th and AP edition by Campbell and Reese) 1. Genetic Diversity-genetic variation not only within but also between populations that accounts or adaptions to local conditions. 3. Ecosystem Diversity- the variety of the biosphere's ecosystems.

What factors contribute to the fluctuation of exchange rates?

Factors include: * Monetary policies of the federal reserve or central bank. * Health of an economy. * Trade policies. * Currency inflation and deflation. FACTORS CAN BE CATEGORISED INTO 3: 1 Economic factors 2 Political factors 3 Market psychology

3 types of biodiversity?

Ecological diversity refers to the sum of the different types of environment or Ecosystem present in a region or the habitat which is the sum total of the climate, vegetation and geography of a region. Ecosystem is a unit of the biosphere in which there is an interaction between the living and nonliving factors so as to maintain a continuous flow of energy. It is a structural and functional unit of a biosphere. There are several kinds of habitats or ecosystems around the world. The variety of diversity of species in an ecosystem is influenced by the ecosystem it self. Examples of ecosystems: Grass land, wet land, desert, aquatic ecosystem etc. Species diversity is the variety of different species in a given area. It is very difficult to estimate the different species in a given area. Most of the species are found near the equator and a few at the poles. Genetic Diversity may be defined as variation in genes with a particular species. It refers to the heritable variation. Sexual reproduction play an important role genetic diversity. A species having more genetic diversity can adapt better to the changed environmental conditions.

What factors of production does apple use?

land, enterprise and capital - This 3 is among the basic factors that contribute to production perse - but in case of Apple, they also have a innovative and efficient technology that they use in production factors.

What three factors contribute to racism according to Debra Tatum?

1. stupidity. 2. Ingorance. 3. Living in America.

What can contribute to high blood pressure?

1. Genetic deviation 2. Smoking 3. Obesity 4. Stress 5. Age 6. Inherited from parents

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