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The five other countries allied with Great Britain during WWI were France, Russia, Italy, USA, and Serbia.

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The four main countries that made up the allied power during WW2 were Russia, United States, China, and Britain.

The Big Three : The United States , Britain and Russia .

Well there are many countries that wernt allied with Great Brittan. They where German Italy And Japan and tons more.

Germany was allied with three countries, not two: Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria.

the Great Britain, france,Russia formed an alliance but during the world war 1 they were called the allied powers.

The USA, Britain and her colonies and the USSR. The French also had a resistance force, as did most Eastern European countries that the Nazis took over.

During World War 2, there were thirty-two official countries listed as the Allied Powers. The chief Allied Powers were Great Britain, France, the Soviet Union, the United States and China.

The allied powers were North America and Britain.

Italy and Germany were allied to Japan during WWII.

Great Britain, France, and Russia

In both WWI and WWII Russia allied with Great Britain, France, and the United States.

The alliance was between Britain, France, and Russia. Later joined the United States during World War I.

Britain fought alongside the Allied Powers.

During World War II, the allied powers included the United States, France, Britain, Australia, India, Canada, and Greece. Others were New Zealand and the former Soviet Union.

During the Cold War, countries that allied themselves with the US and NATO were known as the 1st world. Countries that allied with the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact were the 2nd world. Countries that stayed nonaligned and neutral became known as the 3rd world. Today, third world nations refer to the poorest countries in the world.

The Allied countries, especially Britain, the Soviet Union and the USA being his main three enemies during World War 2. These three countries were also called the Big Three.

There were about 26 countries during WWI.

France, Great Britain, and Russia

The Axis Powers were Germany and its satellites, Italy and Japan. The Allies were Britain and its Empire, France, USA and the Soviet Union.

Great Britain and the Loyalists and Native Americans that were allied with them