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The five other countries allied with Great Britain during WWI were France, Russia, Italy, USA, and Serbia.

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Q: What 6 countries allied themselves with Great Britain during World War 1?
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The four main countries that made up the allied power during WW2?

The four main countries that made up the allied power during WW2 were Russia, United States, China, and Britain.

which countries were the first to form the allied forces during world war ii?

Great Britain and France

Which countries were the first to form the Allied forces during World War 2?

great Britain and France - apex

What two countries in the allied powers during World War 1 had a treaty between them?

Britain had signed a treaty to protect Belgium

What countries made up the allied power during World War 2?

The Big Three : The United States , Britain and Russia .

What countries were not allies of Britain during world war 2?

Well there are many countries that wernt allied with Great Brittan. They where German Italy And Japan and tons more.

What two countries alingen themselves with Germany during World War 1?

Germany was allied with three countries, not two: Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria.

What countries form the allies?

the Great Britain, france,Russia formed an alliance but during the world war 1 they were called the allied powers.

Allied powers during World War 2?

The allied powers were North America and Britain.

Who was allied with Russia during World War 1?


Which where the allied countries during hitlers rule?

The USA, Britain and her colonies and the USSR. The French also had a resistance force, as did most Eastern European countries that the Nazis took over.

Which countries were allied with japan during world war 2?

Italy and Germany were allied to Japan during WWII.

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