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That figure for fat burn refers to the rate at which you burn fat while exercising.


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It is impossible to burn fat with fire. And no it is not safe to burn fat with fire. What we men by this is that we are getting rid of the calories so we can lose more weight. So you are not actually "burning" them by means of fire, but by means of exercising

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yes when u do situps u feel a burn in ur stomach that means u are burning fat little by little

It means how well you burn - off fat from your body and how substantially you jog.

if you are not interested in bodybuilding or strength training you can lift light weights in a fast pace for many sets and reps so you can do a form of cardio while muscle-toning which means you burn calories which means you burn fat and also stomach fat(but remember that stomach fat is the fat that will leave the hardest from your body)... i'd say you do cardio as well...

Dieting on its own does not burn fat, by dieting you are simply reducing the amount of fat you take into your body. To burn fat you must exercise.

almonds have oil to burn body fat

No. Bananas cannot burn body fat.

when you burn off fat you will always burn of muscle too, but if you diet and exercise correctly you muscle burn off will be minimal. The fat burning supplements don't actually burn off fat, they just increase you metabolism

Technically, yes. You will burn the fat that is marbled into the muscle that provides energy for the muscle to burn. But the fat that we can see, subcutaneous fat, will not be affected.

Sauna doesn't burn fat. It makes you sweat.

Green tea does not burn fat, only physical exertion burns fat.

It doesn't, it's a myth. Only exercise can burn fat.

No any excercise will make you burn fat.

Nothing you eat can burn fat, you have to workout, walk, or run to do it.

In various methods we can burn fat; in my view cardio is the good option to burn more fat. You may go with push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, lungs and hamstring to burn fat.

There are no foods that "burn fat," despite what the TV hucksters would have you believe. Any food that contains fat requires exercise to burn off those calories. The food doesn't "burn fat" - only exercise does.

Yes, anything that gets your heart rate above normal will burn fat. Weightlifting burns fat yes, and the more muscle you have the more calories you burn each day, so lifting weights is good way to burn fat. Foods also burn fat, there are a lot of fat burning foods that most people don't know about.

what fruit can eat night time to burn fat

Workout just like you normallw would! Muscle will burn fat.

Every night, if they have a wheel, the will burn off the fat. So if you don't have a wheel, get it!

No. There many things that you have to do to burn belly fat. Not one single thing.

You burn fat before you burn muscle tissue

yep like if you running whilst smoking you burn fat

With regard to weight loss, "burn fat" is a colloquial way of saying, metabolize fat. No actual fire is involved.

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