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What CEO made it his day job to get young African Americans to vote at last election?

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Who were the last African Americans that went to spaceplease get the i just asked who were the last African Americans that went into space?

Robert i forgot his last name

What famous African Americans last name begins with the letter Y?

Andrew Young is the former mayor of Atlanta and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. His last name begins with the letter Y.

How often do Americans elect presidents?

Every 4 years, our last election was in 2012, so our next election will be in 2016.

What percentage of Americans said they learned something about the last big election from the internet?


Famous African Americans that last name start with the letter n?

Eleanor Norton

Why African Americans would be scared of the KKK?

They were a cult with one mission: To torture and kill every last African American. Also the KKK treated the African Americans like a roach, and stomped on them every chance they got. They had no mercy.

When was the last election for the Representatives?

The last election for the representatives was in 2003

What has the author Carl F Ellis written?

Carl F. Ellis has written: 'Beyond liberation' -- subject(s): Religion, African Americans 'Free at last?' -- subject(s): African Americans, Religion

Where are most Americans on the political spectrum?

Most Americans are not a member of either party. This last election shows that it is almost half leaning liberal and half leaning conservative.

How many African Americans currently play for the New York Yankees?

None. The last African American played for that played for the NY Yankees was in 1996.

Are African Americans with last name Washington related to George Washington?

nothey arnt if they were then any one with your last name would be related to you

What famous African Americans have last names beginning with q?

Benjamin Arthur Quarles was an African-American historian, educator and author. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts.

Were there african-americans in the british isles?

By definition there were no African Americans in the British Isles. Africans were present from the early days of slavery. After 1930 West Indians from the Carribena were invited to come to the UK. It can be argued that the Carribean is part of the Americas and thus for the last 80 years approximately there have been African-Americans in the British- Isles

What did many African Americans' change their last name to during the Revolutionary war?

so that they wont get pursicuted

Which demographic group has voted most consistently with the Democratic Party over the last three decades?

African Americans

When was the last presidential election?

The last US presidential election was in 2008; the nect will be in 2012.

When were election held last?

The last US election was held on November 6th, 2012.

What has the author Candice Poarch written?

Candice Poarch has written: 'White Lightning' 'His Tempest' -- subject(s): Fiction, False personation, African Americans, OverDrive, African-American, Romance 'Shattered illusions' -- subject(s): African Americans, Fiction 'Lighthouse magic' -- subject(s): African Americans, Fiction 'Discarded Promises' 'Safe in His Embrace' -- subject(s): African-American, Fiction, Romance, OverDrive 'Loving Delilah' -- subject(s): Fiction, African Americans, Pediatricians, Single fathers 'The Essence of Love' 'With This Kiss' 'Sweet Southern Comfort' -- subject(s): African Americans, Fiction 'Golden Night' -- subject(s): Fiction, Cooks, Bed and breakfast accommodations, Inheritance and succession, African Americans 'The last dance' -- subject(s): Fiction, African Americans

Why did Malcolm X reject his original last name?

Malcolm X urged all African Americans to rejecct their last names, which were that of the slave-holders, and replace them with "X" to stand for lost African American names of ancestors.

What famous Americans have last names beginning with a y?

Weird Al Yankavic, Michael york, Brigham Young, Niel Young, and Peter Yates

Why does Malcolm X have a X in his name?

He uses a x in his last name, because when African Americans were shiped to America from Africa, their names were changed by their slave owners. Many African Americans used this last name x, because they knew that their last name was changed by slave owners and they wanted to show that they were no longer slaves or controlled by white people.

What was the percetange of eligable Americans that voted in the last presidential election?

One in four people vote that are eligible to vote. Not very good odds.

What has the author Margaret Blair Young written?

Margaret Blair Young has written: 'Love chains' 'Bound for Canaan' -- subject(s): Fiction, Mormons, African American Mormons, African American pioneers 'The last mile of the way' -- subject(s): Fiction, Mormons, African American Mormons, African American pioneers

How many people voted in the last presidential election?

129,0854,000 voted in the last US presidential election.

When was the last general election?

In the US, the last (most recent) general election was November 2, 2010.