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once you start taking bcp its advised to use a condom for the first month because there is still a risk o pregnancy. the risk of pregnancy is about 1%.

the bleeding could be because your pregnant or because the doseage isn't correct for you - hence the bleeding. because of this you need to see your doctor for a blood test and consider a higher dose. good luck.

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Q: What Does it mean when you have been on BC for 1 month and have been taking it at the same time every and been having sex without any other protection and have been spot bleeding for at least 3 weeks?
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Is eye protection mandatory in Ontario?

No, but it should be. Riding without any kind of eye protection is risk not worth taking.

I carried on my pill without having a break on holiday because i was swimming i started a light period anyway and have been bleeding for the last 3 weeks what could be happening?

If you carried on taking your pill without having a break while on holiday because you were swimming and have been bleeding for the last 3 weeks, you probably want to know what could be happening. It is likely that there is a hormonal imbalance but there are other possibilities that cannot be ruled out. If there is any chance that you could be pregnant, you could be having a miscarriage. Uterine fibroids also cause bleeding in between periods.

When is the withdrawal bleeding after 2 packs of contraceptive pill taken without pill free?

After taking six weeks of active birth control pills without the pill-free week, you can expect withdrawal bleeding when you take a pill-free week. You may also have unpredictable bleeding.

Can you skip two periods on the pill?

Yes, many women stop having any monthly bleeding while taking BCP.

What are the chances of getting pregnant on your period while taking the pill?

When you're on the birth control pill, you have the same protection when you're bleeding and when you're not, as long as you're using the pill as directed.

What happens after taking cytotec?

You get cramps and bleeding.

Could you be having a miscarriage if you are on the Birth Control Pill and a week after you had been on your period you start bleeding again for three weeks?

Many answers, but many questions. how old are you? Bleeding may be fibroids Bleeding may be too low a dose a hormone in the pill you are taking Bleeding may be spontaneous abortion Worst Case... Bleeding may be cancer. Go to a doctor. speak with them.

Can you take birth control to start having periods?

A true period is an event that happens after ovulation. Bleeding other than a period can happen without ovulation, but is called withdrawal bleeding (which is the kind you get when you are on hormonal contraceptives) or breakthrough bleeding. If you are concerned about your health because you are not having periods taking artificial hormones is not going to help, but only make your health worse. If you are waiting for a first period, don't despair, it will come! If you are in a state of amenorrhea do some things to improve your health and you can bring your period back.

What is the typical year of death?

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How can you tell if you are pregnant or not without taking a pregnancy test?

By having a ultrasound scan when you are over 6 weeks into your suspected pregnancy. Or by having a blood test.

How does a vaccination work differently than taking antibodies?

Taking a vaccination - you are enabling your body to produce antibodies. Taking antibodies - you get antibodies, but they eventually disappear from your blood stream, and without them being replenished by your own cells, you lose the protection.

Should you continue taking metronidazole if you are bleeding vaginally?

Normally, the answer is yes, but I don't know why you're on metronidazole. If you're taking metronidazole for bacterial vaginosis, trichomonas, or pelvic inflammatory disease, you shoudl certainly continue even if you're having vaginal bleeding. Talk with your health care provider for advice specific to your situation.

Can you stop taking your birth control pills after having menstrual period?

Yes. You can stop at any time, but that is usually the easiest and the way the causes the least irregular bleeding.

Can become pregnant if missed 3 pills and bleeding?

You indeed can become pregnant if you missed 3 pills and are bleeding. The reason you would be bleeding or maybe spotting is because you're not taking the pills. If you've missed 3 pills in one pack, you should throw that pack away and start a new pack and definitely use backup protection!

Can taking Vitamin E supplements with Cholesterol-lowering medications cause uncontrollable bleeding?

No, of course without any other illness or drugs as anticoagulants.

How do you kill a cat fast and with no pain at all without taking him to the vet or drowning him of poisoning him or hitting him with a shovel or breaking his neck or bleeding him to death?

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Can one bleed vaginally while taking metronidazole?

There should be no reason to have any unusual vaginal bleeding while taking this antibiotic. If this bleeding is not menstrual related call your doctor.

Can i take Advil while taking Celexa?

Not a good idea. SSRI drugs combined with NSAID's cause increased bleeding. If you take both these med's you risk a GI or stomach bleed. Ask your doctor for stomach protection if you want to take these two together. They cause increased bleeding, which is dangerous.

Will birth control pills stop you from bleeding if you started them while you were bleeding?

not instantly...after a few days taking them probably

If your a few hours late taking your birth control and start bleeding what stops the bleeding?

Nothing. It's nature.

If you are having cramps in your stomach and still bleeding on the shoot should I continue taking the shoot?

no because it could throw your shot of balance because the attention is on your stomach and not fully on the aim.

What if I missed 2 birth control pills and have bleeding?

The bleeding is caused by missing the birth control pills and is known as break through bleeding. If you are sexually active you will need to take the morning after pill to prevent pregnancy from occurring. Meanwhile, use a back up method of protection for 14 days to prevent pregnancy from occurring and continue taking birth control daily as normal.

Why is there continuous bleeding after menstruation?

there shouldn't be continuous bleeding after menstruation if you find that your period hasent stopped after the seventh day you are probubly just having a long period they can be as long as 9 days or a short as 3. if you are taking birth control that can also make you have continuous bleeding for a long time .. EITHER WAY YOU SHOULD DEFINATELY GO SEE A DOCTOR... if the bleeding does not stop. ~good Luck~

You are taking the implanon There is on and off bleeding during the week is it normal?

Irregular bleeding is a common side effect of the contraceptive implant.

What can you do when you are bleeding when you are taking Motrin and Benadryl?

Cut back on the Motrin - see your doctor if you are experiencing heavy bleeding while on Motrin.