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The Peugeot, Citroen and Renault are all popular French cars in Australia.


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No Australian cars are French. Two makes of French car driven in Australia are Peugeot and Renault, but there are not very common.

The cars came first to australia in 1919

French cars are smaller/slower(excluding bugattis).

There is not a lot of French cuisine readily available, but fine restaurants can match any French dish on offer.

Australia is Australie in French.

Australia is called Australie in French.

As of the last car census in 2011, there were 16 368 383 cars in Australia.

Australia has many decrepit cars but the term "jalopy" is unrecognised in Australia. Australians tend to call such cars "old bombs".

French Influences on Australia Schooling- a French school is located in Sydney Imports- Aus imports energy, minerals, fuels and building products from France Cars- first cars in NSW were from France Airmail- First airmail flight was executed by a French man Newspaper- oldest non-English newspaper was in French Museums- French museums in NSW Movies- First movie ever screened in Aus was a French Film Dance- One of the World's most popular dance types is ballet Language- French is taught in various schools across Australia. Cooking- a lot of the French Cuisine is eaten in Australia (baguette, croissant, Boeuf a la Provencale and Duck a l'orange (two traditional dishes) and Wine

Australia is found on the continent of Australia. Australia is both a country and a continent.

There are many companies which are responsible for the sale of cars in Australia for example Mazda or Seat. These are the same companies which also produce cars.

The three French makes of cars are Renault, Peugeot, Citroën.

AVIS rental car shops can be found throughout Australia. There are AVIS car rentals located in Albany, Bunbury, Newman, and Onslow. These are a few locations, but there are numerous other locations in Australia.

well there are some major car companies wich have hundreds of cars imported to Australia such as Peugeot, Citroen and Renault. You've got food like croissants and crepes. and chanel.

No, no one had cars in the 1850's

New Caledonia is the closest French-speaking country to Australia, but it is not the closest country to Australia.

There is only one country on the continent of Australia, and that is Australia. French is not commonly spoken in Australia.

Ford, Holden, Toyota, and Mitsubishi are manufactured in Australia.

Australia manufactures the holden,ford,toyota and missubishi.

u.s.a exports to Australia cars car parts

Yes, Aluminium is found in Australia (Western Australia, Darling Range).

Renault, Peugeot and Citroen are some examples of well known car brands found in France.

They seem just fine for the French. Most of French-made cars (often built in Eastern europe) are fuel-efficient and not as pricey as German cars for comparable prestations.

they are found around australia i think

biomass is found all over Australia

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