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What Is Nail Health?

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Nail health is keeping under the nails clean for both men and women and also the nails should be clipped and filed. Most women want longer nails, while men keep theirs short. Often men will go to salons to have their nails manicured as do women. Your doctor can pick up possible diseases you may have by looking at your nails. If your nails are a bluish color by the "moon" part of the nail this can be an indication of a lack of oxygen to your system and your doctor may test you for heart problems or other problems.

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Is nail polish bad for your health?


What are the benefits and health factors for a cosmetologist?

I think that you would have health factors from cosmetology by having all the chemicals all around you. The nail polish and nail chemicals. When perm or dye hair you have more chemicals.

Is sniffing nail polish bad for your health?

yes it can really mess you up!

What do you do after you have applied nail polish remover to your cold sore?

Scream in pain, perhaps. Nail polish remover applied to a cold sore is not a health choice.

Is wearing nail polish harmful to your health?

As long as you don't ingest it, I would say no.

Does nail polish chemicals cause harm?

yes it does and btw i am a 12 yr! old nail polish can damage to the eyes nose and health we should keep our safety in hand

Does clear nail polish stain your nails?

It's usually the type of nail polish remover that you use that can cause this. However, some clear nail polishes will do the same thing. Nail polish remover is extremely hard on a person's nails, so it's best to go to any health food store and buy their products.

Does a nail and hair salon need registered with the health dept in Oregon?

You have to have a health certificate to do nails anywhere. While it's not widely known there's a substantial health risk to doing nails, especially the risk of infection.

Is sniffing nail varnish bad?

Yes, inhaling solvents is exceedingly bad for one's health. Solvents are actually among the most dangerous drugs, and can cause death or serious health problems, such as brain damage. The risk varies with the type of solvent in the nail varnish, but this practice is always strongly discouraged.

Is sniffting nail polish bad for your health?

yes it kills brain cells. its the same as huffing paint or sniffing glue

Can you use nail acrylic to repair a denture?

Nail acrylic is not bio compatible. They can cause health hazards especially when in contact with soft tissues of the mouth. That means that you can repair your dentures using it but it can give you other diseases such as Cancer.

Is nail polish remover an acid or alkali?

Nail varnish remover is an acid, which is why it is such a harsh substance, although due to health and safety regulations it is a very weak acidic substance. If it was strong then it would course irritation to the skin.

How do you get nail polish to adhere to nail bed with no nail?

you can't if you don't have a nail

Why is it hard to remove nail polish from the nail?

the chemicals in the nail polish stick to the nail

How nuture influence human growth?

the growth of the nail in influence by nutrition,health and disease.the nail grows forward.starting at the matrix and extends over the tips of the finger. the overage rate of growth in the normal adult is about 1/8 inch.

What is a natural nail?

A natural nail is the nail you were born with.

What is the difference between nail polish nail varnish and nail paint?

The difference is nail polish, is basicly nail paint....But nail varnish is like the special nail paint they use to make designs on your nails. - - - - - Nail polish, nail varnish, nail paint and nail lacquer are four names for the same stuff. It just comes down to what the manufacturer wants to call it.

What benefits does the Biotin vitamin provide?

The Biotin vitamin provides metabolism, blood sugar, hair and nail growth, and general health benefits. The Biotin vitamin boosts metabolism, keeps blood sugar at healthy levels, promotes hair and nail growth, and generally provides B-complex vitamins which help maintain good health.

What should you measure the rust in the soda or on the nail?

the nail. the nail.

What are the nail disease?

there are different nail disease such as nail fungi

How do nails indicate health?

Dark nails indicate a B12 deficiency, white nails can indicate anemia, red nails are due to heart disease, blue nail beds are a sign of a lack of oxygen in the blood, and yellow nail beds are a symptom of liver disorders. There are also other things your nails can indicate by the ridge type, the shape of the nail, and the quality of nail (brittle or fraying for example) as well.

Where does the nail grow from?

The Nail Grows From The Nail Root And Then The Dead Nail Get's Pushed Up And They Grow. But What You Can See On Your Nail Is DEAD ! Hope i helped.

What is a zinc nail?

a zinc nail is iron nail coating zinc on the surface for corrosion resistance purpose,most commonly used in concrete nail

What is homonym for nail?


Does the nail body cover the nail root?

nail bed-gigi