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Q: What LSAT score do you need to get a full scholarship to Cumberland School of Law?
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What can a lsat of a 129 do for you?

A LSAT score of 129 will allow you to possibly be admitted into a tier 3 law school. The average LSAT score is 150.

What is a passing score for LSAT?

A passing score for the LSAT is anywhere from a 120 to 180. The LSAT is test that one must take in order to go to law school.

Does law school admission depend mostly on your LSAT score?

Both the scores of the LSAT and your academic record go into an acceptance to a law school. The decision on how much the LSAT applies to acceptance depends on the school.

If you have an LSAT score of 152 and a GPA of 3.85 which law school will accept you?

Check law school rankings, which will show you the 25-75% range for a particular school. I'd work on getting that LSAT score up, though. A 3.85 GPA generally correlates with a higher LSAT score. None that will actually get you a job as a lawyer when you graduate. Unless you want to go to law school for fun, study hard and retake the LSAT.

What LSAT score do you need to be accepted into ucla law school?

The usual LSAT is at least 167+. It is possible to get accepted with a lower LSAT score, but that usually is only in cases where the applicant has one hell of a background story to make up for the low score.

If you have a LSAT score of 165 and a GPA of 3.71 which law school will accept you?


What schools will accept a 135 lsat score?

Jacko Johnson School of Law

What LSAT score do you need for Texas tech law school?


What LSAT score do you need to get into Georgia state law school?

157 on up... Depending on GPA

What is Barack Obama's LSAT score?

LSAT scores are not a matter of public record.

What is the LSAT examination?

The Law School Admissions Test is taken before applying to law school. The LSAT score and college grades are the primary measurements used by law schools for determining who they will accept.

What LSAT score does a student need to get into Kansas School of Law?

The LSAT median is a 162. It also depends on your GPA. If you have a 3.5 GPA and a 162 on the LSATs you should be accepted

Do you have to be good at reading to get into law school?

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Superior reading comprehension skills are necessary for success on the LSAT. A good LSAT score is in turn required for admission to a good law school.

What LSAT score is needed to get into certain law schools?

Search online for law school rankings. Find the listing for the school that you want to attend and look at the LSAT range, which will be the range from the 25th to 75th percentile of the school's last entering class. You will probably need to score in or above this range in order to be accepted.

How can you improve your lsat score?

There are many organizations that provide LSAT prep classes. Study the LSAT books and take practice exams.

How do you get into Stanford law school?

Be a minority, they are exetremely biased against whites, with a 4.0 GPA. High LSAT Score.

Will a 3.64 GPA and an LSAT score of 151 get you into Saint Louis university law school?

I think you will be just fine.

What is minimum LSAT score for duke university law school?

Like most law schools, there is no cut-off score. They look at the application as a whole. Theres always someone with low LSAT scores with another outstanding factor that creates a balance.

Barack Obama's lsat test score?


What qualifications do you need to go to law school?

It depends on the school, but generally, you need a bachelor's degree in any subject, and you need to take the LSAT. The grades you get in college, and your score on the LSAT, will largely determine what law schools you're able to get into.

What law school will take you with a 145 lsat score in the US?

Realistically, you are limited to applying at the 4th tier law schools.

What score is needed to pass the LSAt?

Depends on the school. Research which law schools you want to go to and what average scores they take.

How do you go about getting into a law school?

You first have to graduate from college with a high grade point average. Then you have to take the Law School Admission Test or LSAT. You need to score at least 160 on the LSAT and have a GPA of 3.5 to get admitted to most law schools. Click on the link below for more information on the LSAT

What lsat score for nyu law school?

To be concidered for admission into the top 70 percentile of NYU Law, you must have a score of 164 or higher (according to 2010 statistics)

What is the minimum GPA required for law school?

There is no minimum GPA for lawschools, there is always a school out there that will take you. However, to get into a top school you will need at least a 3.5, but preferably around a 3.7......... the school is not to important to law schools, but the LSAT is. If you have a 3.5 or better and a excellent LSAT score,(160+) you will be admitted to an elite school.