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Movement Occurs When an Object moves Relative to a Stationary Object

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What does voluntary movement mean?

Voluntary Movement is that of an object that moves itself by its own will. Involuntary Movement would be that of an object that moves automatically, by species or habit.

Is distance and speed the same thing?

No, distance and speed are two separate measurements. Distance is how far an object moves relative to speed and time, and speed is how fast an object moves relative to time and distance.

What happens when forces are balanced and unbalanced?

balanced = no movement of the object unbalanced = the object moves

How does temperature affect the direction of heat movement?

Heat always moves from the warmer object to the colder object.

What are fluid frictions?

Fluid friction occurs when a solid object moves through a fluid.

What is an sound vibration?

Sound is produced when an object moves or vibrates. Without movement there could be no sound. When an object moves or vibrates, the air molecules around the object also vibrate. Vibrating objects (as long as they are not in a vacuum) produce sound.

What is viscous drag?

viscous drag is drag that occurs when an object moves through a liquid, or when a liquid flows past a stationary object it is a resistive force

What are three situations that the gravitational potential energy of an object changes?

1. The object moves relative to the more massive body. 2. The more massive body moves. 3. The mass of the body is altered through quantum effects.

When does speed occure?

Speed occurs when an object moves from one location to another over a finite amount of time.

Does heat moves from a heavy object to a lighter object?

NO it moves from a warm object to a cool object

What is glide and shift in intonation?

A shift occurs when there is a movement from one tune to another between syllables. A glide occurs when the voice moves from one tone to another midsyllable.

What is the resistance that occurs when when an object rolls?

Gravity continually pulls an object down, creating friction as an object moves along a surface, and air itself creates resistance, known as air resistance.

How does the Doppler effect indicate a stars movement toward away from earth?

The frequency changes when an object - such as a star - moves away from us, or towards us. If the object moves away from us, the frequency (as observed by us) decreases. If it moves towards us, the frequency increases.

How does the Doppler Effect work?

The Doppler effect occurs whenever a source of sound or light moves, relative to the observer. It is an apparent shift in frequency or wavelength.

When an object falls freely the kinetic energy of the object will?

It will decrease if the object moves upward; decrease if the object moves downward.

Why don't you do work as you hold a book motionless over you head?

Work is the product of the force on an object multiplied by the distance the object moves as a result of the force. Therefore, if there is no movement, there is no work.

Does your sun rotate about the axis of your galaxy?

The Sun moves around the center of our galaxy, and takes perhaps 200 million years to do so. For this kind of movement - movement of an object around another object - instead of "rotate", the word "revolve" is used.

What friction is used when an object sits still?

Static friction resists an object from moving when at rest (still) with respect to the surface it is resting on or in contact with. Kinetic friction, or dynamic friction, (normally what we think of when we say 'friction') describes the friction that occurs when one body moves relative to another body and when both bodies are in contact with each other.

Heat always moves from an object of?

Classically speaking, heat always moves from a hot object to a colder object.

How do you know if an object has more potential energy?

Usually it means the object has gained height. It could also happen if the object is moved to a planet with higher gravity. Potential NRG also occurs when a positively charged object moves into an area of higher potential in a electric or magnetic field, or when a negatively charged object moves into an area of lower potential in an electric or magnetic field.

Describe the connection between kinetic energy and the movement of particles in a substance?

If an object moves, it has kinetic energy. The same applies to particles.

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