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What Soviet city did Churchill Stalin and Franklin D. Roosevelt go to in February 1945?

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What were the Allied countries and leaders?

The Main Allied powers were Britain (Churchill), USA (Franklin D. Roosevelt), and Soviet Union (Stalin).

Who was the Soviet leader at Yalta?

The Yalta Conference between Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin took place near the end of World War Two to discuss terms for ending the war.

Who were the Big Three allies?

USA with president franklin delano roosevelt, Great Britian with Winston Churchill as their leader and the Soviet Union with Stalin as their dictator

Which British Prime Minister was one of the Big Three?

This was Winston Churchill.Winston Churchill- the other two members being President Franklin D. Roosevelt of the USA, and General Secretary Josef Stalin of the USSR.Winston Churchill- the other two of the 'Big Three' were US President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Soviet leader Josef Stalin.

Who attended the Yalta Conference?

The "Big Three" (Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin) met at Yalta, a Soviet port on the Black Sea.

Who were the 3 men who made up the big three?

Joseph Stalin from the Soviet Union, Franklin D. Roosevelt from the US, and Winston Churchill from Great Britain.

Who were the leaders of the allies leaders?

The Big Three were President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and of course the leader of the Soviet Union Josef Stalin.

Who were the leaders of each member of the Big Three in Roosevelt's era?

Winston Churchill for Great Britain, Franklin D. Roosevelt for the United States, and Joseph Stalin for the Soviet Union.

Why couldn't the League of Nations stop Japan and Italy's aggression?

The "Big Three" were, The United States (Franklin Roosevelt), England (Winston Churchill) and the Soviet Union (Joseph Stalin).

Why were Joseph Stalin Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill known as the big three?

They were the leaders of the three main Allied powers: Soviet Union, United States, and Great Britain.

Who were The Big Three of World War 2 were?

After 1941, the leaders of the British Commonwealth, the Soviet Union, and the United States of America. Joseph Stalin, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill

What countries were Allied Powers in Europe in 1942?

the allied countries in 1942 were the united states, the soviet union(russia) and great britian, the leaders were Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Josef Stalin and Winston Churchill

What were the so called big three in world war 2?

After 1941, the leaders of the British Commonwealth, the Soviet Union, and the United States of America. Joseph Stalin, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.

What leaders where involved in the World War 2?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (sometimes known as FDR), Winston Churchill (leader of Great Britain), Joseph Stalin (leader of the Soviet Union), and later, the success of the position as president was won involuntarily when Roosevelt died by Harry Truman, and Winston Churchill in the last part of the war by Clement Attlee..

Who is the captain of the Allies in world war 2?

There are four - Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union, Franklin D. Roosevelt of the United States, Winston Churchill of the British Empire and Chiang Kai-shek of the Republic of China.

What is the grand alliance?

The Grand Alliance was an alliance made during World War II, which joined together the United States, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union. The United States was led by Franklin Roosevelt, the Soviet Union by Joseph Stalin, and Great Britain by Winston Churchill.

Where was the last meeting of Roosevelt Churchill and Stalin in which the special interests of the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe were recognized?


What was the conference held on the Crimean Peninsula in February 1945?

That would be the Yalta Conference on 4-11 February between WinstonChurchill the Prime Minister of Britian, Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union,and Franklin Roosevelt the President of the United States.Among the points discussed was that the Soviets would declare war onJapan within 90 days of the end of the war in Europe.

Who was the leader of the allied powers and axis powers?

Leader of Axis Hitler - Germany Mussolini - Italy Tojo - Japan Leader of Allies Franklin D Roosevelt - USA Joseph Stalin - Soviet Russia Winston Churchill - Britain

Who were the counties leaders in World War 2?

Allied: Great Britain: Winston Churchill Soviet Union: Josef Stalin USA: Franklin Roosevelt Axis: Germany: Adolf Hitler Italy: Benito Mussolini Japan: Hirohito (Emperor)

Who were the leaders of Russia Soviet Union USA Britain and Germany?

Soviet Union- Josef Stalin USA- F. Roosevelt Britain- Winston Churchill Germany-Adolf Hitler.

What did Stalin urge churchill and Roosevelt to do in order to releive German pressure on soviet armies?

Lol don't cheat on Daland's test.

Which of the following did Stalin repeatedly urge churchill and roosevelt to do in order to relieve German pressure on soviet armies?

use atomic bombs

Who were Presidents during World War 2 all around the world?

USSR (Soviet Union)~ Joseph Stalin Italy~ Benito Mussolini Germany~ Hitler Japan~ Hirohito United States~ Franklin Delano Roosevelt Britain~ Winston Churchill

Who were the four great leaders of world war 2?

The four great leaders of World War II were from the US, Great Britain, France, and the Soviet Union. They were Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Charles De Gaulle, and Josef Stalin.