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What US wars have taken place since 1918?

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1)World War II

2)The Cold war

3) The Korean War

4)Iraq War

5)The gulf war

6)Vietnam War

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What wars have taken place since world war 2?

the fork lands ,golf,iqrac an Afghanistan

What wars have England been in since 1918?

right the wars from 1918 are ww2, cold war, falklands, Irish war of independence, Iraq and afghanisthan and possibly libya maybe

What wars took place in Europe?

Literally hundreds of wars have taken place over the course of 3000 years. It is nearly impossible to name them all.

Do the summer olimpics occur every 4 years?

Yes, they have taken place every four years since 1896, barring such disasters as World Wars One and Two.

How many wars has the US been in since 1918?

1. World War 2 2. Korean War 3. Vietnam War 4. Desert Storm or Gulf War 5. War on Terrorism 6. Now the war in Iraq The US has been in 5 wars since 1918. Hope that helped

How many wars were taken place in 20 century mentioning the details of wars? visit up site & search "list of war"

What wars have taken place in the US in the 1800's?

War of 1812 an the Civil war.

What wars have taken place in the US in the 1900's?

none, unless you count pearl harbor.

When did the trenches end?

Although trenches continued to be dug and used in successive wars, trench warfare as seen in WW1 has not been repeated since November 11, 1918.

Which years has le Tour de France not taken place and why not?

Le Tour de France did not take place on 1914-1918 and 1940-1947 because of WW1 and WW2. This happened to many sporting events throughout the world also including the Olympics and the winter Olympics. The world wars affected us in not just loss of death...

How many wars were there in the twentieth century?

In the twentieth century, four terrible wars took place; # World War One; 1914-1918 # World War Two; 1939-1945 # The Korean Conflict; 1950-1953 # The Vietnamese War; 1959-1979 ** The Second Boer War took place from 1899-1902, so technically there were four and a half wars that took place in the twentieth century.

How many wars has Italy taken part in?

Italy have been in 5 wars

What wars have involved Morocco?

the first world war was a deadly war many countries were involved so itkilled millions of people and took place between 1914and 1918

November 11 1918?

The end of the war to end all wars, WW1.

When did the world wars start?

WW1 is from 1914-1918. WW2 is from 1939-1945.

In 1918 the war to end all wars was called?

world war 2

How many wars have there been since 2000?

There have been around 54 wars since the year 2000. Of these wars, many are still currently ongoing, including wars in the Middle East.

Which Persian Wars took place near marshes?

The persian wars that took place near marshes were the Thermopylae and Marathon wars.

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What happened as a result of the Battle of Waterloo having taken place?

It ended the Napoleonic Wars and sent Napoleon into a six year exile on St. Helena.

What were the biggest wars in ancient China?

There are many wars in ancient china since they always battle their enemies or their invaders. Please research in another place for the answers because unfortunately we don't have an answer at the moment.

How many wars have taken place in Afghanistan since 1975?

One might say there's been one continuous war since 1978. Mainly, there's the communist revolution in 1978, a war between the Soviet Union and anti-communist rebels in the 1980s, a civil war in the 1990s, and the U.S.-led war in the 2000s.

How many Americans have died in wars since 1776?

Very many Americans have died in wars since 1776. The number of Americans that have died in the wars is in the hundred of thousands.

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No. The Force Awakens takes place 30 years after Return of the Jedi

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