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five generation of computer

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What are the four basic operations in a computer?

The four basic operations in a computer are:* Accepting input* Performing processing* Outputting results* Storage

What is the past progressive tense of accept?

Past progressive of accept:I was acceptingWe were acceptingYou were acceptingHe/She/It was acceptingThey were accepting

C plus plus get user input without prompting for it?

To prompt a user in C++ you use cout to output the prompt to the console (e.g., the screen). You then use cin to extract the input from the user. So to get user input without a prompt, simply do not output a prompt before accepting input. However, accepting user input without a prompt would be decidedly un-user-friendly, unless you can guarantee the input does not come from the keyboard. If you're not using the console and the program is actually running in an event-driven interface (such as Windows), then you need only trap the keyboard, mouse or other HID messages that are posted to your application via the application's message loop, and act accordingly.

The four operations performed by a computer include?

The four operations performed by a computer include processing, accepting input, output and storage. All of the operations of a computer occur in the CPU.

What is a computer operation that takes in raw data?


How Write javascript program to display multiplication table of 2 without accepting input from user?

Use a counted for loop. On each iteration, multiply the control variable by 2 and print the result.

How many syllables is the word accepting?

Their are 3 syllables in the word accepting

Four main operations of computer?

The 4 main computer operations are:- 1) Accepting input. 2) Performing processing. 3) Outputting results. 4) Storage (for data, output or programs. Roz Townsend

What is interactive process in operating system?

Accepting input from a human. Interactive computer systems are programs that allow users to enter data or commands. Most popular programs, such as word processors and spreadsheet applications, are interactive.

My email is not accepting my user name and password?

My email is not accepting my user name and password

How do you spell accepting?

A-C-C-E-P-T-I-N-G is how accepting is spelled.

When is IRS accepting Schedule A returns?

The IRS will start accepting Schedule A returns on February 14th

What is the advantage of cin getline over cin?

The getline() function reads a string of characters up to a newline character or a predefined delimiter. Although extracting directly from cin is faster, the onus is on the programmer to ensure the input is valid at all times, and to clear the buffer before accepting new input. Keyboard entry is particularly problematic, thus it is easier to treat each input as a string which can be easily verified and convert to a numeric value where required.

What is accepting as a noun?

The word 'accepting' is the present participle of the verb to accept and a gerund, a word that functions as a noun in a sentence. Example:Accepting of my apology, mom gave me a smile and a hug.

Which colleges in Maryland are now accepting students?

Most colleges are always accepting students but the Baltimore city community college is definitely currently accepting new students. You could also try the University of Maryland I believe they are accepting new students as well.

What is an input variable?

an input variable is an input variable

Is a PC input the same as a vga input?

Yes. A PC Input is the same as a VGA Input.

What is the verb of acceptance?

The verbs of acceptance, depending on the tense, are accept, accepts, accepting and accepted.Some examples for you are:"I accept your apology"."He accepts the responsibility"."I am accepting your proposal"."We were accepted into the community".

What is the difference between input and output?

The differnce between input and output is input=in output=out The differnce between input and output is input=in output=out

What is the difference between input device and input medium?

Your input device, for example a mouse, is connected to your input medium, your computer. an input device is a device that is used to input or helps to enter data into the computer and an input medium is where the input device is detected e.g the slots

Is a keyboard input or output?

The keyboard is input deviceinput

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