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What actions did Hitler take of exterminating Jews?

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isolation, segregation, stripping of human rights, making them live in ghettos, death camps, concentration camps

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What were Adolf Hitler's aggressive actions?

Hitler tried to take over the world and slaughtered many innocent Jews.

How were their actions on Kristallnacht what message do you think the Nazis were sending to the Jews?

This event had nothing to do with the Jews. It was a reason for Hitler to take control of the government. He needed an event so created one.

What year did hitler target the jews?

Hitler first targeted the Jews in 1933 when he becomes Chancellor of Germany. When he promoted himself to fuhrer of Germany after the previous fuhrers death in 1934, he began to take more extreme actions by making laws which isolated Jews from modern German society and treated them as criminals and crooks.

Why did Hitler choose to segregate the Jews?

because Hitler though that the Jews were an inferior race , that they were trying to take over Germany, that the Jews killed Jesus, that the Jews were an undesirable race and because when Hitler mother was working for a Jew family they mistreated her

Why did Hitler take the Jews to Poland?

Poland already had the largest concentration of Jews in the world.

SWhy did hitler kill jews?

Hitler and the Nazi party killed the Jews because they were threatened by them. They believed that the Jews were going to take over the world and crush the German Empire.

Why did Hitler take out his anger out on Jews?

Jews have been used as scapegoats for centuries because they didn't have a country or a whole area which is for Jews. Hitler blamed the Jews for everything which is bad for Germany. This is called Antisemitism

Who's life did Hitler take?

he took the lives of Jews.

How did Hitler take actions against the German Jews?

Hitler set out to drive Jews from Germany. In 1935, the Nuremberg Laws placed severe restrictions on Jews. Many German Jews fled Germany and sought refuge in other countries. In 1938, Nazi-led mobs attacked Jewish communities all over Germany in what came to be called Kristallnacht, or the "Night of Broken Glass." Hitler sent tens of thousands of Jews to concentration camps, detention centers for civilians considered enemies of the state. Hitler planned the "final solution," which was the extermination of all Jews.

What actions did Hitler and the Nazis take to oppress the Jews in Germany?

Sent them to concentration camps to work and eventually die. At the concentration camps the Nazi soliders would put Jews in Gas CHambers, Smelting rooms, or have a firing squad kill them.

Did Hitler take place Haukkah?

heck no! he killed jews, not partied with them!

What is the purpose of Hitler?

To take over Europe and kill millions of Jews

How did Hitler take control of the Jews?

So that way he can have a Master Race

Why did people let Hitler take his plan to exterminate the Jews so far?

Fear ---------------------- the question is: was the plan pushed on by the people or by Hitler? there were many requests from below to either move Jews from their towns/cities or to exteminate Jews (for various reasons), but there was never an order from Hitler to exterminate the Jews.

When did Hitler began to take away the rights of Jews?

From the moment he became Chancellor ( president) of Germany in January 1933, Hitler began to take away the rights of Jews. sorry about the previous answer. hope i helped clarify.

Why did Hitler do so much damage?

Hitler did not like Jews. He thought Jews would overpower him and take over his reign, so he eliminated them before they could dot hat

How did Hitler take away the power of the Jews?

Gradually, through acts of parliament.

What was the situation in Germany that allowed a nazi take over?

The economy was failing, and Hitler gave them someone to blame it on...the Jews. Hitler was also very influential and persuasive. The economy was failing, and Hitler gave them someone to blame it on...the Jews. Hitler was also very influential and persuasive.

Where did the Holocaust take place?

All hail hitler. All Jews MUST die.

Where did hitler take the jews?

Concentration camps around the country to force them into work or kill them.

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