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Pregnancy does not confer emancipation rights on a minor. The legal age of majority of the state in which the minor lives is still applicable.

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Q: What age does a pregnant teenager need to be to leave their parents' house?
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Can a teenager move out of one parents house to another parents house at sixteen?

you can leave home (with parents permission) at 16 so you probably can move to your other parents house. (If you wait one year then you can leave and get your own house).

Can a 15 yr old pregnant girl leave her parents house?

out of a court's order... or they could put you up for adoption..

How do we get a teenager out of the house?

put a dollar bill on the road and let them leave

Can you leave the house if your being abused as a teenager?

Yes. Go to the police while you can.

If you are pregnant and want to leave your parents house at sixteen in Florida is it legal?

No, she is only 16 and has not yet reached the age of majority. Until that age the parents are responsible and make the decisions.

What is the legal age for a woman to move out of her parents house while she is pregnant in Missouri?

Here in the state of Missouri if the pregnant women wants to leave her home , then she should be 21 years or more.

Where can a pregnant teenager go for help when she has to leave home?

A friends your boyfriends or a shelter of some sort. or a realtive.

Can you move out of your parents' house at 17 in the state of Georgia?

You can legally leave your parents house at 16.

Is it easier to be a teenager or to be the parent of a teenager?

i would say it would be easier to be the parent of a teenager, because some parents would just leave their kids to do what they want, and have brought them up to be responsible enough to know what is right and what is wrong. teenager because if ur a parent it would be sad 2 leave your kid,:(

Can you leave your parents house at the age of 16 in Tennessee an move to Missouri to live with your feonsay if you are pregnant with his child?

I am saying no because you have to stay with the father of the baby so no.

Can a 17 year old leave her house when pregnant?

The laws for emancipation vary between states, however, just being pregnant does not alter any existing laws. In other words, no special status is given to a teenager just because she is pregnant ... the laws still apply to you or anyone else.

Can a pregnant 17 year old leave her parents house without their permission in las Vegas to live with her boyfriend and his family?

Pregnancy does not emancipate a minor in Nevada. Until she is an adult, her parents have the responsibilty to maintain her.

What should you do if you go to his house and his parents isn't their?


How old do you have to move out of your parents house?

You have to be 18 to legally move out of your parents house. However, your parents can sign a form that says that you can leave legally.

Can you leave your parents house at 16 to another relatives house without getting in trouble?

Well Yes You Can Leave The House At 16 But If Your Parents Are Not To Keen About It You May Run Into A Bit Of Trouble On The Way. But Tenchnically Yes You Can Leave At 16 Because I Am!

Can parents travel for a week and leave a teenager alone?

no because the teenagers are going to say they are going to take care of the house and when the parents leave they end up throwing a party Teenhood range from 13-19 so what age do you mean exactly? A 13yo is too young to be by themselves for a week but a 17yo can handle it.

Can you leave your parents house at age 16 in VA?

Yes, at age sixteen, you can leave your parents house in the state of VA. However, the juvenile must petition this to the local courts.

Can you leave home legally in Missouri if you are 15 and pregnant?

No. At 15 you are a pregnant minor. Being pregnant does not make you an adult and you are still the responsiblity of your parents.

Why is it bad to be a pregnant teenager?

it is bad for tennagers to get pregnant and below is a list of why it is bad! your parents could dissown you your boyfriend (childs dad) may leave you if your at school you may be called you will be in a lot of pain when you actually have the baby SO DON'T DO IT! if you require any more information ask me now!

At age 16 can you leave your house without parents consent as long as you are back before curfew?

No, parents have full responsibility of you until you are 18 regardless of curfew. If you leave your house without a parents consent they can call the police to come get you. The only way you can leave the house without your parents consent is if you were to get emancipated, which in simple terms is the same thing as if you were to turn eighteen.

How can you leave your parents house at age seventeen?

No, Age 18

What is the legal age to leave your parents' house?

When you are 18.

What age can you leave your parents house and leave the state in Washington?

14 years 7 months

Can you leave the house if you are pregnant and 16?

yes of course! your baby will not be harmed if you leave the house. please speak to someone older that you trust. He/She will be able to help you.

Can a pregnant 17 yr old leave her parents home legally?

In most states not until they are 18 years of age. Until then the parents determine where you live, even if pregnant.