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What age does a squire become a knight?


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The squire was the escort of a knight.

I don't think promotion was automatic.


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In midevil times, to become a knight you neede to be the son of a knight. At age 7 you become a page, which is like "knight school", at age 14 you become a squire, which is when you serve a kight, and at ages 18-21 if you have mastered page and squire, you become a knight.

A squire becomes a knight...

Page squire then knight

He becomes a knight at the age of 21 after training to become a knight. His teacher, a knight, knights him, thus he becomes a knight. Knight is a fun word :D

You would start at age 7 and you were a page then you would rank up to squire and at age 21 if you had the money you would become a knight

Only a boy that came from a noble family could become a knight. They had to first become a page, then a squire, and at the age of 21 they would become a knight.

The job of a squire is to learn how to become a Knight.

Only male children could. The order was page @ age 7, squire @ age 10, and a knight @ 20-24. A male of noble birth could become a knight but the farthest a peasant could go is a being a squire. God Bless!!

at the age of 8 a boy would become a page and was taught how to fight and how to behave in the kings court. At the age of 15 or 16 the page would become a squire and assist his knight with his armor and bring him his meals. A squire also learnd how to fight in armor and on a horse. When the squire was about 20 he could become a knight after proving himself worthy

A boy started training to become a knight at age of 7-14 and became a Page 14-21. After that he became a Squire which is an apprentice to a Knight. Eventually the Squire might be dubbed a knight by a King or the Knight who trained him after praying and standing vigil for an extended period.

They have to become a page or a squire before they become a knight

The life of a knight started at a very young age. From about 7-14 years old a son of a noble would live with another noble, and learn basic strategies. This is called a page. Then at about age 14, a page would become a squire and be an apprentice to a knight. Lastly, at about the age of 21, the squire would become a knight and fight in battle.

A knight is chosen when a squire wants to become one.

The squire, the squire was a knight in training, when he reached the right age he became a knight, til that he had to assist his master/knight and learn the fighting techniques from him.

To become a knight, a boy was normally apprenticed to a knight at about age seven. After serving seven years as a page, the boy became a squire, and after seven years as a squire, he could become a knight. There were other ways a person could become a knight, including performing some very meritorious service to a king or other person capable of elevating a person to knighthood.

Although many do not agree on a specific age on which a boy becomes a knight, it is usually around 20 or 21. Before they can become a knight, they must first be a page at age 8, a squire at age 15 or 16, and finally be deemed a knight if worthy. Usually only noble families have this opportunity.

A knights apprentice is called a squire and they learn from him. They would have to follow the knight into battle and dreess him for battle. They would hold the knights extra weapons. At the age of 21 the become a knight and then they take a squire themself and it goes on and on.

21. They were started training at age 8 or 9 as a squire and by the time they were 15 they were a page and then at 21 became a knight.

becoming a page, then a squire

A knight had to be the son of a noble. First you must become a page at the age of 7. then at 14 you would become a squire and prove yourself so you could become a knight at 18 - 21yrs old.

The types of achievements or things needed to become a knight include that they had to be holy and they had to become a squire and help the lord fight in battle and if the squire was old enough and the lord thought it was time he would become a knight so the squire would go home and take a bath and pray until the next day when he becomes a knight then the lord will ask the squire why do you want to become a knight and if the lord thinks it is a good answer then the squire would put on an armor suit and put his sword around his chest and the lord would take a sword and tap his shoulders three times while saying"I appoint thee Edward James a Knight'' And that is how you would become a knight.

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