What age group has active enzymes?

Everyone, from birth and even before, produces enzymes that allow us to digest and metabolyze and to perform the basic, chemical level activities that are needed for life.

The question you MIGHT have been wanting to ask is, "what age group has active HORMONES?" Typically, sex hormones start to become active at about the time that secondary sex characteristics start to develop. For boys, it's hair on the legs, beard, pubic hair, voice change and other changes that start to show up like pimples. For girls it's much the same, but of course girls don't get the beard, they typically have breasts start to develop during that time. That's went he sex hormones START. If you're normal and nothing goes wrong, sex hormones will be active for the rest of your life in one degree or another. It's just that during puberty (when the sex hormones start and some argue are most active) there seems to be a "newly discovered" aspect of life that causes teens to act like it hasn't happened to anyone before them.

Maturity and experience teach us how to live with those hormones.