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What age should you slaughter chicken?

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If the chickens are Broilers (bred for the table) they will be fast growing and ready to kill atabout six to eight weeks. You will find that cockrells grow faster than poulets.

Regards Chook Butcher.

2008-07-06 03:02:55
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Q: What age should you slaughter chicken?
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How long until a chicken reaches slaughter weight?

It does not take a chicken long to reach slaughter weight. It should take a year or less in commercial farming.

Do women slaughter chicken?

Women do slaughter chickens every day. Women work in chicken slaughterhouses. In the past, women have slaughter chickens on the family farm.

How many days from a chicken hatching to slaughter?

When you are talking about broiler chickens its takes six weeks or 42 days to grow a chicken from hatch to slaughter.

What is Islamic way to slaughter chicken for eating?


At what age can a child witness a turkey being slaughtered?

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How do you kill a quail?

There are so many way to kill a quail. The best way it to slaughter it just like you would slaughter chicken.

How do you summon an evil chicken?

Slaughter a hen house and irt appears

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What is the slaughter age of a horse?

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How fast does a butcher chicken grow?

By butcher chicken I assume you mean broiler. Broiler birds are ready for slaughter dependent on the weight of the bird. Most broilers are ready at about 3 to 6 lbs and this can be attained as quickly as 5 weeks of age with steady feeding and containment.

How should you slaughter a pig?


What is the best age for beef slaughter?

18-24 months

What is the best age to slaughter a turkey?

it depends on the breed if it is a heritage breed it should be around a year if its a commercial production breed it should be no more than 4 months old.

How old was Frank G. Slaughter at death?

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How is the yellow skin obatined on packaged chicken?

The yellow skin is from the feed given to the chicken prior to slaughter. Corn feed chicken is usually yellower than mixed grain fed chickens.

How old does a sheep have to be before slaughter?

Any age but normally six to eight months of age.

What to feed a chicken before slaughtering?

A diet high in corn is usual for several weeks before slaughter. The day before slaughter, most farmers feed them nothing but allow access to water.

What is the meat of a goat called?

Chevon or capretto - it depends on the age of the goat at slaughter.

What is the flesh of goat called?

Chevon or capretto - depends on the age of the goat at slaughter.

How long should fresh kill chicken be aged before freezing?

You don't need to age the chicken at all. Whenever I kill a chicken I simply eat it within the next week or freeze it immediately for future use.