What animals can be seen in a forest?

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Depends on the location of the forest.
Gray Wolf: The iconic predator of the American North. Wolf populations have sprung back in recent years after decades of decline.

Jaguar: The largest feline in the Americas, the jaguar once ranges into the Southern US. Now its range is from Mexico to Peru.

Brown/Grizzly Bear: The various subspecies are known by different names and vary greatly in their size and habits.

Red-cockaded Woodpecker: The forests of the Southern US are home to many species of woodpecker, including the red-cockaded.

Pine Marten: A fierce predator in its own right, the pine marten must avoid the hungry eyes of the great grey owl.

Great Grey Owl: Also known as the Lapland owl, this forest giant ranges across the northern hemisphere.
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Animals in the forest?

the animals is the forest are lion,wolves,birds,deers,jackal,cheetah,bear ect.in the water (fishes,turtles frogs(could be in land too) ect)

What animals are in the deciduous forest?

man somebody better answer this question because im in school and in the 4 grade cant even get the teacher too help lol well i want me an a+

Tropical rain forest animals?

Some animals that live in the tropical rain forest are anacondas,jaguar, howler monkeys, and iguanas. Other animals in the tropicalrain forest are orangutans, tigers, and bamboo rats.

What animals are in the forest?

there are lots of animals in the forest but some common ones are foxes, bears, squirrels, chipmunks, robins, blue jays, and other types of birds

What animals have never been seen?

If an animal has never been seen, how can you be sure it is real? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tachyons.

What are the animals seen in the movie 'Avatar'?

A list of some of the animals seen in the movie. Direhorse : A six-legged, horse-like animal that the Na'vi bond with and ride. The Na'vi name is pa'li. Hexapede : A six-legged forest animal that the Na'vi hunt for its leather, and the animal Jake learns to hunt. The Na'vi name is yerik. ( Full Answer )

Rain forest animals a to z?

anaconda baboon coati diamond python eel firebellied frog gecko howler monkey iguana jaguar kinkajou Lemur morpho butterfly narwhal ocelot piranah quetzal red eyed tree frog sloth toucan uakari vampire bat water monitor xenops yarara (snake)

Which kinds of animal is a rare animal in forests?

There are many rare animals in the rainforest, all of which are endangered. Here are some rare, endangered animals in the rainforests: The Golden Lion Tamarind Monkey is one of the most endangered animals. They have nearly become extinct as they have magnificent fur. Few are left around rainfore ( Full Answer )

What animals live in the conifer forest?

Here are some animals that live in the conifer forest; . Moose . Crossbill . Crested tit . Red squirrel . American Beaver . American black bear . Bob cat . Great Grey owl . Black slug . Wolverine There are many other animals that live in the conifer forests of the world. This is jus ( Full Answer )

Which animal can survive in the forest but not in the desert?

A biome is the type of habitat in certain places, like mountain tops, deserts, and tropical forests, and is determined by the climate of the place. The taiga is the biome of the needleleaf forest. Living in the taiga is cold and lonely. Coldness and food shortages make things very difficult, mostly ( Full Answer )

How are animals seen in captivity?

Animals are seen in captivity with zoos, farms, wildlife parks, aquariums, marine parks and as pets. Many groups, such as PETA, do not believe that animals should be held in captivity for any purpose. Others believe that captive breeding of animals is often the only way to protect some species from ( Full Answer )

What animals can be found in rain forests?

Rainforests are home to the most diverse groups of animals in the world. Many of these animals are tree dwelling, from chimpanzees to toucans. The Bengal tiger is the feared predator of the forest. Other large mammals include rhinoceros, orangutan, and African elephants. There are many species of bi ( Full Answer )

What animals live in kelp forest?

Some animals use these forests as feeding ground. The Otter for one. Some birds even dive down for food in these forests. And fish of course. They both find food and protection here.

What do animals eat in a coniferus forest?

Moose eat conifer needles. I'v also seen a squirrel eat a giant mushroom. There are also berries, mosses, sparse grasses, salmon(during salmon run in canada/alaska), smaller animals, insects, decomposing wood, decomposers, Honey.

What animals can be seen in Libya?

In the dessert: Camels, fox, snakes. etc . In the cities street,cats,birds . In suburban: horses, dear, rabbits, eagles, halks . In farms: sheep, goats, chicken, cows . In homes: cats, dogs, birds, fish!

Is a lion a rain-forest animal?

Yes, Asiatic lion in Gir Forest National Park in India; one of the most endangered large cats in the world today.

What animals where seen by Lewis and clark?

They considered the grizzly bear to be the most "terrifying" and "exciting of all the animals they encountered. However, it wasn't the appearance of these animals that really surprised them, but the shear numbers in which they roamed. . Aleutian Canada goose American Bison Prairie dogs(barking ( Full Answer )

Is the Tasmanian devil a forest animal?

Yes. Although bushland in Australia is not usually referred to as "forest", the Tasmanian devil could be said to be a forest animals. Tasmanian Devils live in dry bush habitat such as coastal heath, open dry sclerophyll forest (eucalyptus bushland), and mixed sclerophyll-rainforest.

What animals lives in the pine forest?

Some of the wildlife that live in pine plantation are... v Birds v Deer v Rabbits v Turkeys v Bobwhite Quails v Squirrels v Chipmunks and more

What are animals that live in Decidious Forests?

The animals in the deciduous forest are beavers, black bears, squirrels, coyotes, American bald eagles, cardinals, bobwhite quails, opossums, muskrat, porcupine, cottontail rabbit, chipmunks, bobcats, wolves, and raccoons.

How important is forest to wild animals?

It's their natural habitat. Wild animals are called wild animals because they are not trained and they live the jungle where all their food is.

How do you get forest life on Animal Crossing?

There is no such thing as "Forest Life" but if you mean a song thentalk to K. K. Slider when he is at the cafe on Saturday nights. I've heard that it is on GameCube by Nintendo. You may findit on eBay/Amazon.

What happens if an animal dies in a forest?

The animal generally decomposes over a long period of time. If the animal is killed the predator will eat away most of the flesh. What is remaining is finished by scavengers like vultures. Nature has its own way of making sure there is nothing needed left behind.

What animal can not live in the deciduous forest?

different animals live in different places around the world according to what they need to survive. Like: water, food, shelter, and space. The more crowded an area is the less likely the animals are to survive, so animals automatically spread out. but it also depends on the climate that an animal ne ( Full Answer )

What animals live at the forest?

Typically the forest scorpion and various breeds of irregularly large elephants enjoy spending a majority of their adult life within the forest due to its wide open area's and vast area's of multicultural alignment with the Earth's magnetic plates. It is because of this that animals choose to breed ( Full Answer )

Why is the rain forests an the animals suffering?

Animals are suffering in the rain forest because people want to chop down the trees where all the animals live if there is no trees there are no animals. Hope That Helped :)

What are the benefits of forest to animals?

Forests are beneficial to animals because they provide a place forthem to hide from predators. Forests are also sources of food formany wild animals.

How do forests effect animals?

forests effect animals by one tree getting ill and the other tree will suck it in and then all of the trees will get sick which will be a forest and then the animals suck in the bad air and it effects them also forest fires as well but effect can also mean good but other than those too forests are g ( Full Answer )

What is a good forest animal for a story?

It depends what kind of story. If it is a fantasy story, then perhaps a talking squirrel or other small creature. If it is some kind of adventure story, and this animal is a companion, something a tad larger, a deer maybe?

Which animal seen double?

A chameleon can see independently with each eye. So they actually look at 2 different things at the same time.

What animals can be seen at the Chicago Zoo?

The Chicago Zoo has a a variety of animals including mammals,birds, reptiles, and amphibians. For a full list of every animal found at the Zoo you can visit the LPZoo website.