What animals can be seen in a forest?

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Depends on the location of the forest.
Gray Wolf: The iconic predator of the American North. Wolf populations have sprung back in recent years after decades of decline.

Jaguar: The largest feline in the Americas, the jaguar once ranges into the Southern US. Now its range is from Mexico to Peru.

Brown/Grizzly Bear: The various subspecies are known by different names and vary greatly in their size and habits.

Red-cockaded Woodpecker: The forests of the Southern US are home to many species of woodpecker, including the red-cockaded.

Pine Marten: A fierce predator in its own right, the pine marten must avoid the hungry eyes of the great grey owl.

Great Grey Owl: Also known as the Lapland owl, this forest giant ranges across the northern hemisphere.
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What animals are in a forest?

Bears, Owls, Skunks, Beavers, Buffalo, Rabbit, Fox, Raccoon's, Chipmunks, Squirrels, Eagles, Possum, Moose, Ect.

Animals in the forest?

the animals is the forest are lion,wolves,birds,deers,jackal,cheetah,bear ect.in the water (fishes,turtles frogs(could be in land too) ect)

Animals in a forest?

There are parrots and macaws in forests so, yes.

What animals are in the forest?

there are lots of animals in the forest but some common ones are foxes, bears, squirrels, chipmunks, robins, blue jays, and other types of birds

What animals are in the forests?

Frogs ,Toads ,Newts ,Spider ,Birds ,Owl ,Sparrow ,Badger ,Bat ,Bear ,Beaver ,Chipmunk, Fox,Green iguana...Etc