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What animals do horses keep in balance?


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Horses enjoy the company of other horses, and also cats and donkeys/mules. They may get along with other animals such as dogs or goats.

They do not like snakes, pigs.

Horses like other horses :) aswell as other animals ^^^

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With the exception of sharing a watering hole most wild or ferel horses keep to themselves.

The cerebellum controls balance. _____ Balance has nothing to do with the brain. The inner ear controls balance in humans and animals. Please see the related link.

When the Confederate Army surrendered, Grant allowed the soldiers to keep their guns and their horses. He knew they would need horses to use on the farm.

Horses are herd animals. They prefer to live with other horses.

Horses are typically active equally during the day and night. Horses do not require as much sleep as some other animals and the herd will sleep and keep watch in shifts to keep an eye out on predators.

i like on a fatm and you can do loads. depends on what you like to do. you can grow things, keep animals or what i do is keep my horses on it. i ride competivly

People keep horses for many of the same reasons people keep any other pet. There are many things to do with a horse. Horse shows were there are multiple classes you and your horse can enter and compete. Breeding is another reason. Profit can be made when breeding good horses to make a nice colt or filly. They are very loving animals. So really the answer to your question is well, why people keep horses is the same reason people keep other animals as well. For fun, competition, profit, etc.

Horses are found in pastures because they are forage animals. Grass is their primary diet, so people choose to keep them there where they can eat at will.

The fluid inside the semicircular canals help animals keep their balance.

They keep the Earth's Ecosystem in balance. and they make great companions When they are domesticated...

Horses eat salt to balance out their electrolytes.

Yes. Horses are herd animals.

animals use their tails to keep their balance, or hanging from trees, or expressing emotion, like dogs wagging their tail

It can, but it doesn't have to. If your worried about it, manage your time carefuly. Consider keeping your horses at a full-care facility or hiring someone to care for them at your property. Keep study and horses in balance, and everything will work out great for you!

Snakes, like all other animals, help to keep things in balance. They keep the rodent population in check.

most of the time it's to help keep balance, one example is a cat.

yes, horses can herd animals. they are big and strong animals also like dogs.

Horses are faster than some animals but not all other animals.

Horses are prey animals.

Horses are prey animals.

Horses are mammals/animals with four legs.

Yes. Horses are farm animals themselves in many cases.

No, horses do not prey on other animals. They are plant eaters.

Yes, horses are herd animals. Horses can be kept w/o other horses, but are way happier with an equine companion. (even a donkey will do!)

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